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Car seat regulations in the UK

In UK, it is compulsory for children below 12 years of age or under 135 cm in height to use a child car seat. The child car seats are also labeled as capital ‘E’ in a circle which shows that all the seats is approved by EU. It is also important to child care seat in accordance with the child’s height or weight as it plays an important role in deciding the appropriate seat.

Height-based car seats used in UK are popular as ‘i-Size’ seats and it must be rear-facing till the child is 15 months old. A child above 15 months can be seated in a forward-facing car seat.

Weight-based car seats used in UK must be rear-facing till the weight of a child is more than 9 kg. After attaining 9 kg, the child restraint system used depends on the weight of the child. Between 9-18 kg, a rear or forward facing baby seat using a harness or safety shield can be used. Booster cushion seats are compulsory for a child above 22 kg.

Same rules are applicable on children with disabilities. However, they may be exempted if a doctor has found it problematic on medical grounds.

As per the law set for licensed taxis, in case a child restraint is not unavailable, children under 3 years are seated in the rear seats and can be unrestrained. For children who are 3 years and above or up to135cm tall, it is mandatory to sit in the rear and use seat belt. Children aged 12 years or above who are more than 135cm tall are allowed to sit in the front and it is compulsory for them to use seat belts.

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