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Book your family taxi with car seat in Krabi

Child friendly Krabi


Rugged cliffs and hidden caves, limestone crags in an endless emerald sea, Krabi is a seaside resort town with a family attitude.  It is believed that Krabi has been someone's home since 25,000 - 35,000 BC.  Laid back and awash in Thai smiling hospitality, it is a tropical paradise. 


Grab a family taxi and explore where the tropical rainforest sits adjacent to the crystal clear water of the Andaman Sea.  Make sure that the family cab has all the necessary seating requirements to keep the little ones safe such as a booster car seat for the squirming toddler or a baby seat for the tiny one.


Go to the Coastal Resource Management Unit at Ao Nam Mao and the children can leisurely stroll around this outdoor aquarium, that isn't really an aquarium.  It is where scientists breed endangered marine species in protected saltwater lakes.  From sharks to turtles, the kids will love it all, especially the "Nemo" tanks. Get the kids feeding, bathing or riding an elephant, or wear the children out by taking them to the Krabi Tiger Cave and temple. 


The kids will get to see ancient tiger footprints in the low part of the cave and if they climb to the top that entails 1,200 steps, the view is amazing.  Don't forget to buy some bananas at the entrance of the cave so that the kids can feed the horde of monkeys in the trees.


Krabi International Airport sits about 7 km east of the city center of Krabi which is accessible via airport transfer with car seat.

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