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Book your family taxi with car seat in Sydney

Child friendly Sydney


A city of the land of "downunder", Sydney is not the capital of Australia, Canberra is.  There are no kangaroos jumping up main streets and you won't find a koala clinging to a street light-pole.  Founded in 1788, it was where the English dumped their unwanted convicts for punishment, even thieving naughty children.


Sydney is one place that you will definitely require a family taxi if you really want to explore the city without hearing feet scuffing on the pavement because the kids are too tired to actually lift their feet one more time.  All of the family cabs are fitted out with car booster seats or baby seats, or have quick access to them. Just stand on the side of the road and flag one down when your toddler refuses to walk one more step.


Get the kids' small minds buzzing with the endless possibilities of space at the Sydney Observatory, in 3D of course.  The world's largest IMAX Theater is at Darling Harbor, or if the children are wearing their brave hats, take the kids for a walk over the glass platform outside of the Sydney Tower Eye or scamper up the Sydney Harbor Bridge. There is the Taronga Zoo to gawk at animals or the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium on Sydney Harbor to keep the kids occupied for a while. Then take a ferry ride on the harbor with an ice cream to keep their mouths full. 


Sydney International Airport is located 8 km south of the center of the city and is the oldest commercial international airport in the world. It takes only 10 min with and airport transfer with car seat to get into town.

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