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Book your family taxi in Antalya with baby seat

Child friendly Antalya


Antalya is not the place to steal some olives off the trees before they are ripe, as it carries a 2-year jail sentence.  So make sure the kids only go for the ripe ones if you are holidaying in the city that has an annual International Sand Sculpture festival, which is sure to be a kid pleaser. 


Stuff the children into a family taxi with car seatthat has the appropriate car booster or baby seat to accommodate your tribe and go exploring Antalya with the first stop off being Aktur Park.  Gaudy colored lights and the usual fare of roller-coaster, ferris wheel and bumper car rides will make a night out at this amusement park a bit of fun even for the adults.  When the kids start to yawn, make sure you get a family cab to take you back to your accommodation before their little legs cave in. 


All kids love a bit of dinosaur action and Dinopark will fit the bill.  This is by no way an educational adventure, as it is a waterpark where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones and large dinosaurs wander around to amuse the children.  This is definitely a family taxi ride to get to. 


For the kids that can swim, Aquapark has huge slides and tubes that will entertain children for hours.  Make sure the kids are all wearing hats and sun cream when they visit Minicity for a bit of culture and there is always the beach across the road for a quick dip after.


It is a airport transfer or taxi ride which includes car seats from the Antalya International Airport as the city center is 13 km from the airport. 

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