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Book your family taxi in London with car seat




Child friendly London


London is the city of sandwich eating fanatics where the population consumes around 1,500,000,000 sandwiches every year, so the kids will fit right in.  But don't let one of your little munchkins put a postage stamp on an envelope with the queen's head upside down, as it is considered to be an act of treason. 


The family will love London and it is the city internationally known for its fantastic cab service.  Just make sure that the one you are in is a family cab that has the necessary seat requirements for your kids' bottoms such as a baby seat or a booster seat for the toddler.


Do the complete tourist rounds with the children in tow especially if they are of the age to boast about their London adventure. Tower of London's "Beefeater" guides will entertain the kids with loads of facts about torture, execution and what it was like to be in prison in medieval times.  At the Westminster Abbey the staff have got smart and entertain the kids with a scavenger hunt.


Take note that Trafalgar Square is no longer a bird feeding frenzy area as it has been banned, probably due to the amount of bird poo landing on unsuspecting tourists. The list goes on and on of where and what you can get up to with a family of children, but the London Zoo would be one of the most popular with the kids.

London has numerous international airports including Heathrow, Luton, City, Gatwick, and Stansted which also offer airport taxi or transfer with car seats.

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