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Khao Lak

Book your family taxi with car seat in Khao Lak

Child friendly Khao Lak


KhaoLak is a true kids' paradise as it is laid back and relatively unspoilt without the flashy tourism.  It is the perfect starting point for the dive and snorkel islands of Surin and Similan.  The Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 devastated this area and many lives were lost when the gigantic waves washed up to 3 km inshore, leaving a police boat high and dry 2 km inland. 


As Khao Lak is quite spread out, it will be necessary to grab family taxis on occasion so ensure that you get a family cab with the appropriate seating for your family such as a car booster seat for the fidgeting toddler or a baby seat for a new born family member.


The brilliant blue Andaman Sea is bath tub warm and the sandy beaches are the biggest sand pits in the world for the kids who love to build sand castles or to just run along in the shallows.  The gremlins will be laughing with glee as they torment the crabs in the rock pools.  Take the children for hikes in one of the many national parks in search of an abundance of gushing cold waterfalls to romp under.


Grab one of the many speed boats and go out to either the Surin Islands or the Similan Islands and even camp out for a night or two.  The kids will get to experience being a castaway complete with a tent on the foreshore.


Phuket International Airport serves the area of Krabi. Book an airport transfer with car set for a safe taxi rade into town.

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