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Book your family Taxi in Hamburg with car seat

Child friendly Hamburg


The name of those mouth-cramming delights, hamburgers, actually does come from Hamburg.  It is believed that the sailors of the 19th Century introduced this yummy food after trading with the Baltic people.


Hamburg has the largest model railway in the world, "The Miniatur Wunderland", which should be first on the sight seeing list with the kids in tow.  From wherever you are putting your heads on a pillow at night, grab a family taxi with suitable kids' seating such as a booster seat or a baby seat and head straight to this incredible sight.


Let the kids feed the elephants at the Hamburg Zoo or get dizzy on the rides at the Hamburger Dom, a summer carnival full of fun adventures for both little kids and the big kid at heart. If the childrenare into building model planes, take them to see how a real one is built at the Airbus Factory.  The International Maritime Museum is for the children interested in ships, boats and a bit of naval history.


The park, Waldspielplatz Niendorfer Gehege, is a fantastic spot for letting the kids run around without annoying everyone, as it has a playground area and a deer sanctuary.  If it all gets too much, make sure you are staying in a family friendly hotel and you don't have to walk out the door every day to entertain the little relentless beings lurking around you.


Hamburg International Airportis located 8.5 km north of the city and provides taxi services and airport transfer with car seats into Hamburg city.

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