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Book your family taxi in Barcelona with baby seat

Child friendly Barcelona


Hold on tightly to your kids when you go for a walk along the most visited street in the whole of Spain, Portal de l'Angel.  An astounding 3,500 people pound the pavement of this street each hour on any given day. In fact a strangle hold on the family might be more apt, if you don't want to lose them along the way.


For long forays around the city jump into a family taxi with whatever seating requirements your children may have, such as a baby seat for the newborn or a booster seat for the toddler.  Whatever the age of your children ensure that their safety is high on the list of priorities.


A visit to Park Güell will have the kids believing that they are in a real life fairytale book of Hansel and Gretel. Let the kids smell the gorgeous flowers on display in La Rambla and have a good belly laugh at the street performers working their magic.


Cuitadella Park or The Garden of Barcelona is home to the city zoo, rowboats and numerous playground areas for the kids to muck up in.  When the heat at the city beaches gets too much, visit the Imax Cinema and watch a 3D kids' movie.  With a bit of luck they won't notice that it probably isn't in their own language. 


El Prat International Airport services Barcelona and is located about 12 km southwest of the city center and it takes 20 min for a airport transfer with car seat to safely take you downtown.

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