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New York

Book your family cab in New York with car seat



Child friendly NYC cab with baby seat


New York City can lay claim to having the world's first museum exclusively for children and the largest burial site in the United States. The Sunday edition of the New York Times gobbles up 75,000 trees every time it is printed and Washington Square Park was at one point, the place for chopping heads off.


New York has 5 boroughs to tramp through with plenty of open spaces, museums and other fun stuff for kids to explore. This is one city that you will want to grab a family NYC taxi to get around, as little legs will only go so far in a city this big.  Make sure that the family cab has the appropriate seating required for your kids such as a booster or car seat for a toddler or a baby seat for a new born.


Check out the 122 foot-long "Titanosaur" in the dinosaur halls of the American Museum of Natural History, and then take the children to Central Park where they can blow off a bit of steam running around. 


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is nearby that has daily activities for children, from kids' tours to art and craft projects.  Let the kids feed pygmy goats and play with Vietnamese pot bellied pigs at the Central Park Zoo or go up the Empire State Building for an incredible view.  Take a family NCY taxi and head downtown to SoHo, where the kids will be able to get all painted and glued up at the Children's Museum of the Arts.  Don't forget to introduce the kids to dim sum where playing with chopsticks is half the fun of eating.


New York City is served by: the John F Kennedy International, the Newark Liberty and La Guardia Airports which is 30 minutes from the city in cab or airport transfer from the city.


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