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Book your family taxi in Berlin with car seat

Child friendly Berlin


Berlin is the perfect place for a family holiday as there are more than 180km of waterways to be explored by a boat or a kayak.  Nine times larger than Paris, Berlin is home to the largest train station in Europe.


When crossing a road in Berlin, after getting the brood out of their booster seats or the new born out of the baby seat in your family cab, make sure the kids check out the "Ampelmann" at the pedestrian traffic lights.  Apparently he is so famous, the little guy shaped like a light, which turns red and green, that there are


Ampelmann gift shops and even an Ampelmann restaurant. No traffic light will ever look the same to the kids after meeting him.  If the children are old enough, then rent some bikes for a change of pace and go on a magical mystery tour through the historical Nikolaiviertel Quarter.  Show the kids the remnants of the Berlin Wall, where they can even write their names on this historical piece of concrete.


Two airports service Berlin. The Berlin Tegel Airport that is the main international airport and a smaller one named, Berlin Schönefeld Airport. Both offer airport taxi and airport transfer with car seat

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