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Book your family taxi with taxi in Sardinia

Child friendly Sardinia

Sardinia shares the worldly glory of having the highest number of people living until they are 100 years old, as does.Okinawa, a Japanese island.  Sardinians will greet you with the words "A kent'annos" which translates to "may you live to 100". 


The kids won't worry about all the wrinkled old faces around them, as they will be too busy looking at the novelty of a Sardinian small white donkey, called mouflon.  You can throw the kids onto the little green tourist train that meanders its way through the wild woods of the island for a bit of exploring.


Visit the Museum of the Territory for some educational value in the fauna, geology and anthropology departments. Nearby you can find the small wild dark brown ponies living on the Giara Plateau.  There are mountain bike trails for the big kids, Neptune's Caves to explore for any age and sand dunes at Piscinas for the whole family to run up and roll down.


Take the children to the Water Park Village, 20 km from Cagliari, or just build sandcastles on the shallow beach there. You will need to grab a family taxi on at least a few occasions to visit kid friendly attractions, so make sure that the family cab has the required seating to snugly fit your children's rear ends, such as a booster car seat or a baby seat for the trip.


International airports that service Sardinia include the Olbia Costa Smeralda that is 30 km from Cannigione, the Alghero Fertilia around 150 km from Cannigione and the Elmas International Airport, 280 km from Cannigione.  Airport transfers and taxis with car seat is the safest way to travel into town.

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