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Canary Islands

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Child friendly Canary Islands


You can definitely tell your children that the Canary Islands were not named after those cute little yellow birds called canaries.  The word "canary" is derived from the Latin word for dog.  But there is a debate about whether they were named after the seals which used to live on the island and that the Romans called "sea dogs", or if they were named after its first inhabitants who came from the Berber tribes in North Africa named "Canarii". 


Whatever they were named after will become a moot point once you have played with your kids here, as they will simply fall in love with the 7 islands of the Canaries. Ensure that when you are planning a day excursion you have the contact number for a family cab with the necessary extras such as booster seats or baby seats to accommodate your kids whether they are new born, toddlers or the cheeky age.


The kids will love going on an underwater safari in a submarine, which you can do on Lanarote Island. Take them on a trip from Tenerife or Gran Canaria and let the rug rats watch the dolphins cavorting in their natural habitat.  Drag the kids along to the Loro Parque Zoo, where it will be a race amongst the siblings to see killer whales, penguins, jaguars and tigers.


There are water parks galore, animal sanctuaries and numerous national parks to explore, or simply take the toddlers running around flying a kite on windy shores.


The Gran Canaria Airport, the Lanzarote Airport, the Tenerife North Airport and the Tenerife South Airports service the Canary Islands. All the airport are served with Airport taxi or Airport transfer with car seats and boosters.

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