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Book your family taxi in Dubrovnik with car seat 


Child friendly Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik may not be the easiest place to navigate a pram, so ensure that you get on friendly terms with a family cab or family taxi complete with whatever the little bottoms in the family require, such as a baby seat or a booster seat for the toddler in tow.  This medieval town of archaic pedestrian streets will have the big kids reveling in it, as it was used as King's Landing in the Game of Thrones series. 


Dubrovnik is caught in a time warp where the medieval remnants still remain unencumbered by swish hotels or billboards.  This is where the kids can madly run around in local piazzas, whilst you quietly sip an aperitif on balmy summer nights.


Don't expect change tables in the local restaurants, but kid friendly food and high chairs are readily available.  Under no circumstances expect your child to climb the 700 steps to the top of the city walls, as that is known as child abuse.  Instead take the children to the salt-water lake at Lokrum for a swim in water that won't let you sink, due to its high density of salt. The island is reached by a 15-minute boat ride and the kids will love you for it.


Then let the children wear off any excess energy by chasing the peahens and peacocks strutting around.  On Lopud there is a shallow beach complete with rustic cafe shacks for when the hunger pangs strike small stomachs, a 50-minute boat ride away.


Dubrovnik Airport is also referred to as Čilipi Airport, and is 15.5 km from the city center and has a good selection of airport transfer and airport taxis with car seat.


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