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Car seat regulations in Greece

The child car seat laws have become stricter in Greece in the past one decade and the new law has made it mandatory for a child under 135 cm to sit on some kind of car seat which may be a booster or a harnessed one. Children below 3 years of age are not allowed to travel in a car without an appropriate seat. The baby seat can be either on a front seat or a back seat with a safety belt.

Kids under 12 years of age and 135 cm in height are also not allowed to sit in front seat without a booster cushion. However, there are exceptions while travelling in taxis and temporary transportation which allow kids under 12 and 135 cm to sit on front seat. It can be said that the rented car users and taxis are not bound by any law to provide a baby seat.

There is exemption from usage of baby seat when a baby is carried in emergency condition. In case the baby seat is not used or provided in the transportation, the usage of safety belt is strictly prohibited. Taxi drivers in Greece are not obliged to have a baby seat in their vehicle or even supply one.

An age of 12 years or 135 cm (4 ft 5 inches) can be taken as a limit to consider if seatbelt will be allowed without the use of some special seat or not. However; there is no weight limit of the child set in this law. A child above 13 and 135 cm is allowed usage of safety belt like an adult without any other restrictions.

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