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Car seat regulations in Cyprus

The usage of child safety seats is compulsory for children below 12 years of age or whose height is less than 150 cm while travelling in certain categories of vehicles in Cyprus. It is must for such vehicles to be fitted with an integral or non-integral child restraint system which can ensure the safety of the child.

Children below three years of age are strictly prohibited from being transported in vehicles which are not adequately equipped with safety belts or restraint systems.

It is obligatory for children below 5 years of age to sit in the back, strapped into a proper child car seat. Children above 3 years of age who are minimum 135 cm tall, but below 150 cm in height are allowed to sit at the back only if there is a seat belt installed in the back seat. The safety restraint systems and the safety belt used in vehicles should also be in accordance to EU standards. However; there is one big sigh of relief in the car seat belt laws for children sitting in front seat as it doesn’t make booster seats compulsory.

It is mandatory for the taxi drivers to provide child seat or booster seat in order to comply with the insurance regulations of the nation.

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