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Vienna Airport 

Airport transfer  taxi  in Vienna Airport

Airport transfer and taxi with car seat in Vienna Airport


Austria’s capital city Vienna has three major airports – the Vienna international airport, Salzburg airport, and Innsbruck airport. The Vienna international airport is the largest and most popular out of the three.

Vienna is a city of history, art, and romance. It is a popular travel destination among peers from all around the world. Hence, the city is almost always hosting tourists coming to marvel at its enchanting landscape.

If you plan to visit Vienna with your family, this article covers airport transportation methods with and without car seats. And if you are expecting a layover at one of the Vienna airports, we will include some fun activities to kill time with kids.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Vienna Airport

Traveling with kids requires extra precautions due to accidental hazards and different state regulations and restrictions. You can book airport transportation with car seats through Taxi Bambino’s online website.

Transportation to and from the airports usually involves the City Airport Train, the fastest method of traveling to the city's center. 

However, if you are on a budget and not in a hurry, the local train – S-Bahn is an economical way to get to the city. Moreover, local buses run from the airport to central Vienna every thirty minutes and reach Westbahnhof and Hauptbahnhof in just twenty minutes.


The above options are cheap and even convenient for adults but not for kids. With children, it is better to find a taxi service with car seat through an online portal. A taxi with car seat will be much safer and spare you the hassle of carrying a car seat in your luggage.

Family facilities at Vienna Airport

If you need to wait for your flight at the Vienna airport with your kids, you will need some family facilities to keep the little ones entertained. Here are a few kid-friendly activities that will help you kill time:

1. Fun Family Gate

The fun family gate at Terminal 3 of Vienna international airport is worth visiting if you are traveling with kids. It is a play area for kids aged 4 to 10 with slides, climbing walls, labyrinth, revolving door, foam snakes, etc. 

Furthermore, there are changing tables for infants and babies and seats for parents. The admission is free of cost, and the area is open 24/7.

2. Family Corner

The airport also features a family corner to make traveling to and from Vienna pleasant for a family with kids. There are multiple screens where children can enjoy fun games.

3. Visitair Terrace

The Visitair terrace is a fantastic place to enjoy the spectacular sight of airplanes taking off, touching down, and docking at their hangar. 

Several huge signboards display information about Viennese airport personnel, fun facts about airports and planes, and other aircraft-related topics.

4. Airport Guided Tours

These tours are fun and educational at the same time. “Follow-me” is a unique tour guide specifically for kids which shows the different airport departments, functioning of the aircraft, interiors of a business class, and the fire brigade station. 

You need to make a reservation in advance and reach the starting point 30 minutes before your departure time for these tours.

5. Baby Gear rentals

Due to the considerate arrangements at the Vienna airport for families, air travel is less of a nightmare for parents. Several baby gear rental services operate to make your transit smoother, whereas a car service with car seats is helpful for transportation to and from the airport.

If you plan a family escape to Vienna and don’t want any unfortunate incidents during travel, find an airport taxi with car seat and book a safe ride with children.

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