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Tenerife south Airport

Tenerife Airport taxi with car seat

Tenerife airport transfer with baby seat

Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport) is located on the island of Tenerife, within Spain's famous Canary islands. The island has two large international airports, with Reina Sofia Airport being one of them. The airport is also the second busiest.

Tenerife is the largest Canary Island and with a lot to offer holidaymakers of all age groups. 

But when organizing your family for a Tenerife holiday or vacation, it’s important to know how to move around after you arrive at the Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport).

You need to know about the terminal facilities, hotels, and the available transport services to your preferred destination. 

The airport has one passenger terminal with three levels. They are Ground Level, First Level, and Second Level. 

If you intend to use public transport, you can take a bus, shuttle, or taxi. It’s easier hiring a car or taxi since there are desks for car hire companies located within the central terminal of Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport).

But with children, you need a family taxi with boosters or car seats for your baby infant. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Reina Sofia Airport)

Taxi companies like Taxi Bambino provide great options for anyone intending to move from Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport) to where they’ll be putting up during their holiday. Click on your destination on the website, and the system will direct you to a suitable taxi with car seats.

If you’re traveling with your toddler, young child, or baby infant, you can opt for a taxi service that offers boosters for baby infants.

There are also reliable airport transfer services that you can utilize in your travel. 

You can pre-book your Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport) private transfer, whether you’re traveling as a small family or a large group. 

Once you’ve landed at the airport, your cab driver will be available to pick you up. 

Top 3 children and family facilities in Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife Airport)

The top 3 children and family facilities in Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport) include:

1. Restaurants & food

The Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport) has restaurants and hotels where you and your family can eat or drink. They include Salamontana Roja, Select Cafeteria, and Red Mountain, among others. 

There are also kids-friendly hotels, cafes, and fast food joints that serve coffee, natural juices, and freshly made cakes. They include Burger King Express and Cafe Ritazza. 

2. Shops & stores

There are retail outlets available at Reina Sofia Airport (Tenerife South Airport). For example, Ocean Company sells products for the whole family, including light winter and summer clothing, fashion accessories, fun gifts, and more.

3. Children’s play area

At the Reina Sofia Airport, there’s a children’s play area where your toddlers and older children can play. It’s at the terminal’s exterior view on the First Floor.

And because moving around the airport with infants and toddlers can be tricky, look out for pushcart hire and stroller rentals available at the airport. For example, Mr. Cool is a hire company with baby equipment, including pushcarts, travel cots, baby strollers, and more. 

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