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SEA LIFE Aquarium taxi with car seat

SEA LIFE Aquarium cab with baby seat

SEA LIFE Aquarium is a chain of sea-themed interactive parks with multiple resorts worldwide. The attractions include direct contact with touch-friendly sea creatures, guided tours, numerous shows featuring exotic marine animals, giant aquariums, and underwater tunnels.

Do you want to pack a little education in your kid’s excursion? How about visiting the SEA LIFE Aquarium and fascinating their young minds with the marvelous wonders of marine life.

But getting to the theme park could be a hassle, especially if you need to find taxis with car seats for your cheeky toddler. So, in this article, we will guide you about that precisely!

Where to get family taxis with car seats in SEA LIFE Aquarium?

Getting a taxi service with car seat is relatively easy if you use an online taxi service, like Taxi Bambino. Our comprehensive directory has toddler-friendly taxis with car seats and boosters.

You could use public transportation –  trains and buses to get from the airport to the aquarium. In that case, find a map and a schedule to properly time your route and save as much time as possible.

But because getting on a bus or train isn’t the safest with kids, you can book a taxi beforehand. 

A google search like “taxis with car seats near me”  could lead you to our directory that guides you to different taxi services to the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

To avoid unhappy incidents, always book a safe taxi with small children.

Once you get to the SEA LIFE Aquarium, that’s when the fun begins.

Top attractions in SEA LIFE Aquarium

Several attractions will bewitch you and your kids alike. Some of the best underwater displays are;


1. Touch sea animals

Most of us have only seen a sea urchin in television and movies. Seeing one in real life and up close is an experience on its own – let alone getting a chance even to touch it. 

The touch pools at SEA LIFE Aquariums feature non-hazardous underwater animals for a hands-on learning activity for the children.

2. Walk underwater

Hang out with the fish without getting wet! The SEA LIFE Aquarium at Orlando has an unbelievable underwater tunnel that lets you see the sea animals at unbelievably short distances.  


3. Tour giant aquariums

Imagine an aquarium with a full-grown shark roaming around. SEA LIFE Aquariums display several exotic sea creatures in their giant aquariums, where you can view them in action.

Get at an inch’s distance with a hundred-year-old sea turtle, or watch a beluga whale's innocent face in front of you. If you are lucky, you might even get a chance to witness a shark feeding on smaller fishes.

4. Visit animal sanctuaries

SEA LIFE Aquariums provide sanctuaries to rescued and endangered sea life. These creatures are preserved, looked after, and delivered back to their natural habitat once they are safe.

Find out how aquarists and marine biologists ensure these animals recover and are in the best shape possible. 


5. Get behind the scenes

You can get first-hand knowledge about the life of an aquarist. How they replicate an ocean's ecosystem in water tanks, feed the fish, and maintain the aquariums. 

6.  Spectate live feeding sessions

Be a part of the daily feeding routine for the underwater creatures. The SEA LIFE Aquarium at Orlando lets you witness how divers get underwater to feed the mighty sharks and enormous turtles.

So book a family car service with car seat to head to the SEA LIFE Aquarium now!