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Rome Airport 

Rome Airport taxi with car seat

Rome airport transfer with baby seat


There are many reasons why you’ll choose Rome for a family vacation, what with its many tourist attractions and cultural heritage. 

There are two airports in Rome - the Fiumicino airport and the Ciampino airport. The Fiumicino airport, officially called the Leonardo da Vinci airport, is Rome’s main airport. It is a big airport with 3 terminals. It is used by all the major airlines.

The Ciampino airport is now one of the busiest airports in Italy, as low budget carriers have boosted its use.

Since your vacation to Rome will involve taxiing around the city with your kids, an important consideration is to book family taxis with car seats.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can travel light without infant car seats, but still make the Rome vacation safe for your kids by vacationing in vehicles with car seats. 

Let’s get started!

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Rome airports

Taxi Bambino is a taxi solution site that’ll help you get a standard airport transfer or a taxi with car seat from or to Rome’s two airports.

If you’re flying to Rome with one of the big international carriers, your stop will definitely be the Fiumicino airport. The airport is about 40km (25 miles) from the city center.

The Ciampino airport is a very small airport with just one terminal. This makes it easy to navigate. It is also just 12.5km (7.5 miles) away from Rome’s city center.

Though the Ciampino airport is closer to Rome’s City center than the Fiumicino airport, moving from either airport to the city (or back) is fairly easy.

The different means of transportation available include:

  • Train

  • Bus

  • Car rental

  • Taxi

However, the best way remains using taxis. Unlike the train or buses, taxis will not drop you far from where you are lodging.

The taxi stand is not difficult to find in either airport. In the larger Fiumicino airport, it is just directly outside the airport exit. While at the Ciampino airport, the taxi area is just outside the terminal, directly opposite the main arrivals area.

The taxis are generally 5 seaters for 4 passengers. Larger families can arrange 8 seater minivan taxis for 7 passengers. However, the taxis typically do not come with car seats for infants or booster seats for children.

You are responsible to make the journey safe for them by arranging taxis with car seats. Taxi Bambino can help you arrange airport transportation with car seats. You don’t have to travel with your car seats and significantly increase your luggage. 

Things to do while in Rome airports

The two airports in Rome have several family-friendly services to ensure that you, your partner, and your little ones will have the best of care as you fly in or out of the historic city.

As you’ll expect, the smaller Ciampino airport offers fewer services. Services common to both airports include:

  • Baby care rooms. Rooms with changing tables where you can change your baby diaper

  • Accessible toilets. 

  • First aid. Should you or your kids need medical services, it’s available 24/ 7.

  • ATMs and Banks. Cash machines are available, and there are also Italian banks at the airport.

The bigger Fiumicino airport has even more top services that you can count on to make its use more comfortable. This include:

  • Pink parking spaces. These are courtesy parking spaces for departing families with children. Many of the spaces are wider than standard to allow loading and unloading of the stroller.

  • Children Play areas. For your kids to jump around upon arrival, at the baggage reclaim area, there are also two play areas equipped with colorful decorations and children games.

  • Family Toilets. There are toilets dedicated to parents with children. There are also bathrooms with washbasins and changing tables.

  • Kids-friendly restaurant. Your kids can literally start tasting Rome upon touching down. Some restaurants in the airport offer infant food (like the Plasmon) as well as kids’ menu (like McDonald’s and Gusto).

  • Care car. Free rides within the airport, making moving around more comfortable. 

  • eGates. These allow electronic checking of passports, significantly reducing waiting times.

  • Pet area. Outside a door in the Terminal 3 Arrivals area is a pet area. You can leave your furry family members here as you fly away so that they are around to welcome you as you come back. 

Moving from and to either airport is easy using taxis. To keep your kids safe while moving, these should be taxis with car seats.

Since taxis do not typically come with child seats, Taxi Bambino will help you find a taxi service with car seat. Book a safe taxi with children today.

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