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Book your family taxi with car seat in Merida

Child friendly cab in Merida


Merida International Airport is the Manuel Crescencio Rejon International Airport located in Southern Merida, Mexico. 

It services both domestic and international flights. So, whether you are in Mexico or any other part of the world, the Merida International Airport is a fine place to land when flying into Merida with your family to enjoy the beautiful city.

When moving from the airport into the city, you’ll want to keep your little ones safe by strapping them to infant car seats or booster seats. However, this doesn’t mean you should haul your car seats with you on your family vacation and significantly increase your luggage.

Read on to find out where to get a car service with car seats in Merida International Airport, as well as some of the best things to do around the airport.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Merida International Airport

Taxi Bambino will direct you to taxis with car seats to make the drive from the airport to your destination safe for the little ones in your company.

Moving from Merida International Airport to Downtown Merida or North Merida for the city's best attractions is possible via shuttles, rent-a-car, and taxis.

Many of these services have offices just outside the airport. But taxis are the best option if you’ll be staying within the city.

With little ones in your company, the consideration is not only a means of transportation but a safe means of transportation. To make trips safe for your kids, you should use taxis with car seats and booster seats. Taxis do not come standard with these safety seats, but with Taxi Bambino, you can request car seats for safe travel with your kids.

Top family attractions near Merida International Airport

If you are a family with kids, the top places to visit near Merida International Airport are:

  • Parque Zoologico Animaya

  • Cenote Xlacah

  • Maya ruins of Dzibilchaltun

  • Dzibilchaltun museum 

1. Parque Zoologico Animaya

Northeast of the Merida International Airport, in Ciudad Caucel, is this wild animal park where exotic animals roam free. It’s just 17 minutes away in a taxi with car seats.

Children will be excited by the sight of zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, lions, and colorful birds. There are free train rides to take children around the park. There’s a nice playground to jump around and even a water park. This is an amazing place for kids. Interestingly, it is absolutely free.

2. Cenote Xlacah

Merida is famous for its cenotes, which are sinkholes where fresh underground freshwater is accessible from the surface. These are some of the best places to enjoy nature, from swimming in them and enjoying the freshness of the water to enjoying the unique landscapes.

North of the Merida International airport, in Dzibilchaltun, is the cenote Xlacah. It is 32 minutes away from the airport, and the closest cenote to the city center.

Unlike most others, the cenote Xlacah is at ground level and shallow at one end. So, it is one of the most accessible cenotes out there and perfect for kids. Just remind everyone to grab their swimming suits.


3. Maya Ruins

Cenote Xlacah is just one of the features of Dzibilchaltun. The town boasts a lot of archaeological features from the ancient Maya civilization.

The temple of the seven dolls will enthrall everyone. The dolls have been moved to the museum at the park entrance, but the temple remains impressive. The family will also be fascinated by the remains of the arched structure called the Open Chapel.

4. Dzibilchaltun Museum

From the heat of exploring the Mayan ruins, you can walk into the air-conditioned museum right at the site.

It holds about 700 archaeological and historical pieces. Here’s where you’ll find the seven dolls. You’ll also find tons of artifacts from Mayan and Spanish origin, including sculptures, stone tablets, armor, swords, etc.

There’re many family attractions near Merida International Airport. So, you don’t need to go far from the airport for an exciting family vacation with your kids. However, wherever you head to, remember to make the trip safe for your kids by using a taxi service with car seat.

Book a safe taxi with small children today.

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