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London Airport

London Airport taxi with car seat

London airport transfer with baby seat

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, with thousands of people arriving at its airports daily. There are six main airports – London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, London Luton Airport, London City Airport, and London Southend Airport.

The city offers numerous options for transport to and from the six airports. These include the train, tube, coach, concierge, taxis, and rental car services. While coaches and trains are good for saving up a bit of a fortune, they are a hassle if traveling with your family.

However, airport transportation with car seats can save you a lot of trouble and keep your toddler safely buckled in for the entire ride. This article covers family-friendly airport transport options in London. Plus, a few activities to do with your kids during a long layover in London airports!

Where to Get Family Taxis with Car Seats in London Airports?

While the famous black cabs rarely have car service with car seats, London airports have many available. You can ask for one on the counters at the airport or look for a family taxi service on the internet. 

Whether your family is coming to London for sightseeing or visiting someone, chances are you are already overflowing with luggage. 

Carrying a car seat for travel seems to be quite a burden. But an online airport taxi with car seat can solve your troubles.


These services are child-friendly to keep your kid safe during travel. One such taxi service with car seat is Taxi Bambino, where you can book a taxi with car seat in advance.

Also, since London’s most familiar public black cabs almost never have a car seat, these private car rentals are becoming increasingly popular among parents. So go the extra mile for your kids and book a safe taxi with small children.

Things to Do in London airports

Waiting for a flight at airports can be pretty unnerving with children. But London airports have many child-friendly facilities.

1. Relax in a child-friendly airport lounge

Child-friendly airport lounges in all London airports have a play area for kids, television with cartoon channels, magazines, and complimentary snacks and drinks.

2. Rent a stroller 

Most London airports like Heathrow and Gatwick are huge and some of the busiest airports in the world. Hopping from terminal to terminal can be quite a hassle with infants and children. Several stroller rental services operate in airports to make transport easy.

3. Get in a play area

The London Heathrow airport has many soft play areas so your kids can enjoy themselves while you wait to board your flight.

4.  Eat for free

The Heathrow airport offers a deal on school holidays. You can get a free meal for kids at the restaurants with whatever the adult orders.

5. Feed and change easily

There are multiple baby care facilities available throughout the airports. For instance, bathrooms have a changing area, a foldable table, and an adjacent feeding area.

6. Sleep at a hotel

Several family rooms and kid-friendly hotels at Heathrow airports offer a good night’s sleep if you plan for an overnight haul. These hotels cater to a wide range of budgets with different facilities.

When you plan your itinerary through London, both from the airport to your hotel and from one tourist attraction to another, don’t forget to book a taxi service with car seat such as Taxi Bambino

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