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Legoland Florida Airport 

Legoland Florida with car seat

Legoland Florida cab with baby seat

At some point, a giant LEGO man with "No Real than You" writings washed ashore. You may end up watching a movie with your kids as you try to explain how he got there. LEGOLAND Florida is the most pleasing way to go about it, and you will have so much fun in the process!

LEGOLAND Florida Resort, a colorful buffet restaurant, has families in mind. The resort is home to the first Peppa Pig-themed park, complete with muddy puddles.

The LEGO world park is vast, and there are many children's sensory activities.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Several options are available when looking for a family taxi. You could call the hotel and ask which taxis with car seats are available. You could also ask on Trip Advisor before your visit. An easier option is checking Taxi Bambino’s directory of taxi services with car seats. Your last choice is to Google search 'taxis with car seats near me.' That should help.

Florida has car seat laws where all children under the age of five must be in a car seat as they travel. Those between 4 and 6 can use car seat boosters. Also, children should sit in the back seats until they are above 12 years. That’s why it is good to get a taxi service with a car seat.

Traveling to and from airports can be hectic. It gets more hectic if you have kids and luggage. Public transport is helpful, but it might take forever to get a bus or trolley. 

Another option is rental cars since you can rent a car seat. The con, is queueing for long hours to return the rental car. 

If you have a  big family with tons of luggage, look for a taxi service with car seats. That's because car service with car seats ensures all your children buckle up as you move to your hotel.

Top activities/facilities in LEGOLAND Florida Resort

LEGOLAND is massive. Both adults and children can have a good time here because the park is for kids aged two years and above. Be sure to measure your child’s height before the visit and get to know which games to play for their age.

1. Peppa Pig-themed park

Watch live shows of Peppa Pig, George, and their parents. Also, enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

2. The famous Cypress Gardens

The garden has rich historical memories that could teach your child something. You’ll discover hidden paths as you walk through the botanical garden. 

3. Water Park

Water lovers can splash, build a boat, feel some waves, and do so much more in the water park.



MINILAND is a miniature creation of real-life places made from LEGO pieces. It’s fun to walk around and discover tiny places with your little one. There you will find California, Florida, New York City, to mention a few. Each city has major miniature landmarks for you and your little ones to take in.


5. LEGO Store

We all love LEGOS. Don’t we? How about getting one of those rare LEGO toys in this store as a monument.



The LEGO Movie World is a whole new level. Exciting 180 degrees turn rides. Everything you and your kids saw in those big movies, you get to experience.

Ready to hit the resort?

Book a safe taxi for your small children now. Safety is a priority.

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