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Kennedy Space Center Airport

Kennedy Space Center taxi with car seat

Kennedy Space Center cab with baby seat


Kennedy Space Center is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) major launch site where people can watch rocket launches and learn about astronomy from various exhibits. Named after the late President John F. Kennedy, this tourist attraction is not only a great place for a fun family outing but also a science-filled adventure for your children. 

Located in Meritt Island, Florida, no public transportation is available to the Kennedy Space Center. So you’ll need to hire a car service with car seats for a hassle-free family trip.

Keep reading to know more about booking taxis with car seats for small children and the top facilities and activities in Kennedy Space Center. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Kennedy Space Center

You can get family taxis with car seats in Kennedy Space Center through online booking on websites and mobile applications. 

If you want a wide range of options, check out Taxi Bambino. It’s an online directory of taxi services that directs you to dependable taxi services in your area. The directory ensures safety for your family by providing licensed taxi drivers and car seats fitted for your child’s age or weight. 

Getting a family taxi is convenient and hassle-free for your Kennedy Space Center family trip because there is no public transportation from airports to the Center. They do have pick-up points and drop-off points available in Lot 4 for those who opt for rideshare or taxis. 

Choose family taxis with car seats suitable for your child’s age and weight for a fun and secure family trip.


Top Facilities/Activities in Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center categorized the activities and exhibits into Mission Zones arranged chronologically.  Other facilities are also available for a fuller space experience. 

Here are the top facilities in Kennedy Space Center:

1. Heroes and Legends

This is where you learn the early programs of NASA and commemorate pioneering American astronauts. They feature the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the heroic team of Mission Control behind the Apollo mission, and the Rocket Garden, where they present the technology that helped defy gravity. 

2. Behind the Gates

A ride in Kennedy Space Center Bus gives you exclusive access to NASA’s restricted areas, such as the operational facilities and launch sites. 

3. Race to the Moon

You can learn the history of the space race, the men landing, and walking to the moon. Also, you get to witness the enormous Saturn V, the largest rocket that has ever flown. 

4. Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

The iconic home of the orbiter, Space Shuttle Atlantis, is displayed in this area. You can also check out the Space Shuttle Program and the various shuttle missions that assured the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope. Training for docking and landing the shuttle is also available with training simulators.  

5. NASA Now + Next

Learn about NASA’s current missions to their plans in exploring deep space. Also, discover the Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator (MRVN), the latest concept vehicle for navigating Mars. There is also an Imax theater in 3D astronomy-related movies

6. Rocket Launch Viewing

The most important and unforgettable activity that you and your kids would not miss is the live viewing of a rocket launch. Make sure to check the rocket launch schedules in Kennedy Space Center’s event calendar to know if there is a schedule for your visit. 

Then book your safe taxi with small children.

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