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Ibiza Airport

Book your family taxi with car seat in Ibiza Airport

Child friendly cab in Ibiza Airport


You can get family taxi car seats in Aena at the airport terminal. Or, book a taxi with car seats through companies. Taxis from the Ibiza airport Terminal cost €1.09 per km to destinations such as Santa Eulalia, Acrobosc Ibiza climbing park, etc. 

Aena, or Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez Airport, is located in the municipality of Elche, 9 km southwest of Alicante. It is a dynamic and fast-growing economic and business zone that can handle 6000 passengers per hour and 20 million passengers per year.

So how do you commute with kids from Aena to your desired destination?

Well, this article will guide you!

We’ll discuss where to get family taxis with car seats and family destinations near the airport.

Let's dive in!

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Ibiza Airport

You can book a taxi in advance through airport transport companies to ensure they have car seats available when you arrive. Or you can take a taxi at the airport terminal, signed taxi rank. The airport provides 69 taxis, three of which are equipped for people with disabilities. 

Do you prefer convenience? A taxi that is ready with car seats for you at the airport? Booking a family taxi with car seats in advance ensures you don't go through the hustle of looking for a taxi with car seats. For instance, Taxi Bambino offers dependable taxis and high quality anytime and anywhere. 

Traveling with children needs to feel easy, safe, and exciting without transportation stress. You need a service such as Taxi Bambino to help you access the safest taxi with car seats for your angels. At Taxi Bambino, we offer the following:

  • On-time pick for our clients

  • 24-hours specialized transportation services from the airport

  • Long-distance taxi service

  • Taxi tours to various destinations and complexity

3 best family destinations near Ibiza Airport - Aena

Let's look at family attractions you can take your kids to near Ibiza Airport.

Children's play areas in Aena

The airport has several children's play areas in the boarding and arrivals areas of the terminal. Let's look at each play area and where it is located:

  • Batak Game is located at Passenger Terminal. Floor 2

  • Interactive camera Game located at Passenger Terminal. Floor 0

If you need to change nappies or access children's toilet areas, there are baby changer rooms in the airport near the terminal. Nursing rooms have microwaves, armchairs, coat racks, books, and paints for children on the 2nd Floor's boarding zone.  

For easy movement with your kids inside the airport, you can use pushchairs or baby strollers available in the luggage collection area. 

Santa Eulalia

If you want to get your kids closer to marine life, then Santa Eulalia is a perfect choice. This boat ride offers a four-hour adventure with the following activities:

  • Visits to the coastline, secluded bays, and pristine waters

  • Snorkeling safari with assistance from a subaquatic drone

  • Viewing different species such as starfish, octopus, sea urchins, etc.

  • Lunch on board

  • Swimming, treasure hunting, a sailor's knots for kids.

Santa Eulalia is located only 22 minutes away from the airport, and you can get there using taxis.

Acrobosc Ibiza climbing park

If your kids are craving an outdoor adventure thrill, Acrobosc Ibiza will satisfy their needs. The climbing park provides activities for both young and old. It is an area with pine trees with different adventures, including:

  • Three circuits to follow depending on height and age

  • Thirty-nine platforms between 2-6 meters high

  • 49 obstacles

  • 20 zip lines from 4-65 meters in length

  • Trampolines.

Using a taxi with car seats, you can get to Acrobosc within 24 to 35 minutes, depending on the route, traffic, or other factors.

Book a safe taxi with small children now!

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