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Book your family taxi in Lanzarote with baby seat

Child friendly Lanzarote


Lanzarote is within the Canary Islands off the West African coast. It’s popular for its warm weather that runs all year round, volcanic landscape, and beaches. If you’re considering going on a family holiday, Lanzarote has a lot to see. So, it’s very likely that holidaymakers will use taxis to move around. And with children aboard, hiring a taxi with CAR SEATS should be done with much keenness while ensuring that the seat is comfortable. 

Ultimately, you want to explore the island in a safer, most convenient, and cost-effective manner for your family.

Whether you have an INFANT, young BABY, or younger children, find out where to get a safe taxi and also what to do in Lanzarote. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Lanzarote

If you’re visiting with family, it’s best to book a transfer service from the airport. Taxi Bambino shows you where to get airport transfer services with car seats and boosters. In case you’re visiting in groups, there are taxi services that accommodate larger groups and people with special needs. 

The TAXI transfer services are convenient, and your family can depend on them. They have BABY seats and BOOSTERS targeting all age groups. Thus, infants, babies, and young CHILDREN are also catered for. 

A private transfer arrangement is the best where large groups are concerned since the law allows Spanish taxi drivers to carry only four passengers, including children.

Once you are exploring the island, you’ll likely need a cab to move around. But you need to get a cab that accommodates each member of your family. And in Spain, the law requires that all baby infants are safely secured using a child safety seat during movement. That’s why it must come with baby seats or booster seats for baby infants and boosters for toddlers and young children.

The 3 best small kid activities in Lanzarote

A holiday in Lanzarote is the best for the whole family. So, if you have a baby infant, a toddler, or a teenager, you’ll never be disappointed.


Here are the 3 best small kid activities in Lanzarote:

1. Visiting beaches

Lanzarote is a small island within the archipelago. Despite its small size, there are many beaches that small kids can enjoy. They’re the best if you want to relax or swim or even enjoy water sports like kitesurfing or windsurfing.  Papagayo beaches and Las Cucharas Beach in Costa Teguise are some of them.

2. Rides in Aquapark Costa Teguise

This is Costa Teguise’s main waterpark. Because of the many rides, Aquapark Costa Teguise is highly recommended for kids and adults alike. Small kids will find the park enjoyable, and with a restaurant on-site, they’ll find it easier staying there the whole day. The restaurant offers fantastic and reasonably priced food.

3. Visiting the Rancho Texas

Rancho Texas is a large animal park in Lanzarote. It’s found near the Puerto del Carmen Resort. The many animals to see and the shows make it ideal for a wonderful kids’ day out. Rancho Texas isn’t just a place for kids. Adults too can visit and enjoy the activities on this ranch in Lanzarote.

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