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La Palma

Book your family taxi in La Palma with baby seat

Child friendly La Palma


The small island of La Palma in Spain is a famous one for various reasons. Apart from its volcanic history, La Palma as a tourist destination also offers spectacular views of mountain peaks, a national park, a consistent warm subtropical climate, and beautiful flora and fauna.Taking a small holiday trip to La Palma can be amazing, as long as you and your family can easily get around comfortably and safely. And choosing to book a taxi ride/cab can work out perfectly for your family if it incorporates car seats for your children/infants too.

Finding a taxi with children’s car seats is not something to overlook. The majority of taxis don’t have these, so there should be a considerable effort on your part to ensure that the taxi you pick to use has child safety seats fitted. 

Besides, Spain law dictates that children be secured in a child safety seat during any type of vehicle transportation, including taxis. As a family holiday destination, La Palma also offers plenty of children’s activities to enjoy. That is why you need a family taxi with children’s car seats when visiting La Palma.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in La Palma

Using the website, you can book and organize the taxi specifications you require simply. TaxiLaPalma is equipped with various transportation options for your family, spanning from standard vehicles with children's car seats to 8-passenger minibusses. All their vehicles come with almost any facility you would wish for, including spacious luggage compartments, individual adult seats, air conditioning, and most importantly, seat boosters for your infant, baby, or children.

3 awesome small kid facilities in La Palma

As mentioned earlier, La Palma offers plenty of fun activities for the entire family. But the more exciting news you should be happy about is all the amazing children’s facilities that La Palma boasts of. When you’re booking a safe taxi with small children/booster seats, these are some of the destinations you want to visit.

1. El Charco Azul

The natural pool of El Charco Azul, north of the La Palma island, has a swimming area with a kid’s pool, as well as a large adult pool. It is protected from the high waves, so it’s perfect for the entire family. It even has a special area for infants.

2. Dolphin and whale watching

This is common on the island, but it’s a unique adventure for kids in particular. Up to 26 different species can be watched on these waters.

3. La Danza de los Caballos Fuscos

This is a unique festival every other year, where kids can enjoy the dancers performing while dressed in suits and riding colorful dressed horses. It’s magical.

Now that you know what awaits you and your family on the island of La Palma, all that is left to do is book a safe taxi with small children's seats to enjoy the whole experience safely!

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