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Warsaw, Poland

Book your family taxi with car seat in Warsaw, Poland

Child friendly cab in Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw is Poland's capital city and is famous for its picturesque beauty. The metropolitan city features all elements of modernism and luxury, even though it was bombed to the ground during the Second World War.

Warsaw is a hidden gem for tourists since it isn’t as famous as other European giant cities but somewhat underrated. The old town charm, rich history, majestic monuments, scrumptious local foods, and friendly residents make the city worth visiting.

If you plan a break from the fast-paced city life but still don’t want to lose its amenities, Warsaw can offer you a laid-back, family-friendly vacation. 

Want to visit with the kids? This article covers family taxi services in the city and a few tourism destinations little ones will love.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Warsaw, Poland?

The Warsaw Chopin Airport offers three taxi services at its airport, but they may not be as family-friendly as you’d like. A private taxi service with car seats like Taxi Bambino can make airport transfers safer and hassle-free.

Airport transfers in Warsaw, Poland, rely on four commute options: bus, train, taxis, and private rentals. Five bus routes connect the airport to several locations in the central city. Likewise, S2 and S30 are two train services that will get you to downtown Warsaw in no time.

But the above methods are not primarily designed for a family with kids. You can quickly get a private taxi with car seat online to make your travel risk-free.

Search for “taxis with car seats near me” on the website to make a reservation. Your driver will be waiting at the airport ahead of your flight landing and will help you with your luggage.

3 Top family destinations in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland, offers numerous kids-friendly tourist spots that will keep your little ones on their toes. Here are the three favorites:

1. Warsaw Zoo

We are yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love animals. Zoos mesmerize children and adults alike, and with over five thousand kinds of animals, you’ll need to plan a whole day for Warsaw zoological garden.

Native animals such as otters and bears, along with other exotic species of rhinos, giraffes, plenty of birds, and reptiles, are sure to excite children of all ages. 

On top of that, a petting zoo with cute bunnies, goats, and donkeys will give your kids an experience.


2. The Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of culture and science is the tallest building in the city and one of its most famous tourist spots. The viewing terrace on the 30th floor will allow your family to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city. Make sure none of the kids have a fear of heights.

Another excellent attraction for kids is the Technology Museum that houses old motorbikes, cars, computers, radio transmitters, and jukeboxes.

3. Chopin Museum

Any music lover knows Chopin. If you want to teach your kids the rich musical history of Warsaw, plan to visit the Chopin Museum in the Ostrogski Palace. 

But if your kids find museums a bit boring, they will surely love this one. A vast collection of multimedia and touch screens give this museum a modern twist. Several of Chopin’s and other artists’ legendary collections are on display.

How to get to family destinations in Warsaw?

Warsaw is full of exciting venues and educational museums. You can rent a stroller or pram if you have an infant or baby.

But how does one get to these places with kids? Trains, buses, and public taxis offer cheap commutes but aren’t necessarily as safe. You can book a private car service with car seats to strap in your child safely.

So avoid any unnecessary risks and book a safe taxi with small children.

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