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Valencia, founded by the Romans in 138 BC, is Spain's third-largest city after Madrid and Barcelona. It has the largest fresh produce market in Europe, the Central Market. Also, within Valencia's cathedral, in a chapel, is the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus drank from during the Last Supper.

What if I told you that Valencia's massive 9 km Turia Park sits on what used to be a riverbed? And that you can eat Valencian Paella while you play? If you want to learn more exciting things to do with kids in Valencia and where to get a family taxi service with car seats, keep reading!

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Valencia, Spain

Valencia can get extremely hot or cold. Therefore, you will need a car service with car seats to move from one tourist attraction to another. Taxi Bambino taxis with car seats are easy to access and available 24 hours.

When you reserve a taxi, you can be sure of prompt pick-ups. Your family will sit in for a drive through the city comfortably, and children will be safely tucked in car seats.

Additionally, professional drivers can avoid traffic by rerouting to low-traffic routes using GPS. 

Unlike public transportation, taxis will get you to your exact destination. So, you and your loved ones will not tire of walking from the bus or train stop to your destination.

What can you do with your family in Valencia, Spain (& how to get there)

Enjoy Paella

Are you looking for family-friendly places to eat? La Riuà in Valencia is an excellent choice. It is in Calle del Mar, 27, and you can get there by taxi in 24 minutes via A-3. 

Here you will find traditional Paella complete with chicken, rabbit, saffron, beans and tomato, paprika, olive oil, and salt to season.


Oceanographic, one of the biggest aquariums in Europe, is a spectacular architectural building. 

It showcases natural ocean ecosystems. You can play with dolphins and enjoy penguins, crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks, and the only whole family of whales globally. More than 45,000 sea animals and 500 species live here. 

You may also have a meal underwater, as sharks swim around you!

The science museum 

The Principe Felipe Science Museum sits between Oceanogràfic and Hemisfèric in the City of Arts and Sciences. Both Oceanogràfic and Principe Felipe Science Museum are 20 mins from Valencia airport using a taxi via Autovía V-30 when there is no traffic.

It is a beautiful building with stimulating scientific exhibitions about the universe. 

There are experiments targeted at children, including the Electric Theater, Zero Gravity, DNA, etc. Kids will for sure ask lots of questions and have fun at the same time.

Bioparc, Valencia's exceptional zoo

Unlike any other zoo, animals here do not live in cages. The park has applied the “Zooimmersion” concept premiered in Terra Natura bio park in Spain. Animals occupy natural, open environments that closely resemble their habitats. Well, not precisely ope; there are barriers you cannot see with the human eye.

As a family, you'll see a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat. You'll also learn about the need for conservation.

As you relax, with a cup of coffee in hand, your children will be playing on the Bioparc's playground or having ice cream and Spanish sandwiches at the onsite café.

Gulliver Park

Turia Gulliver Park is a playground unlike any other. It depicts Gulliver from “Gulliver's Travels.” Shackled to the floor by strings is Gulliver's entire body in the form of slides, tunnels, stairs, ramps, and climbing structures. A 230-foot statue. 

Kids can pretend-play, imagining they are tiny people, climbing on a giant like Lilliputians, sliding on his hair and clothes!

Admission is free! You can take a memento family pic and have a picnic on the beautiful green picnic spots.

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