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Book your family taxi with car seat in Tokyos

Child friendly cab in Tokyo


Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, is located in Japan, Ota District. It is rated as the world’s best domestic and cleanest airport. There are two airports in the area, with Haneda as the primary base. The airport has three terminals that are connected by taxis and airport shuttles.

There are lots of family attractions nearby, including the Kujukuri beach, which is 92 km away. It is a perfect destination for families and travelers who would like to relax and feel the sand between their feet, as it is the largest sandy beach along the Pacific Ocean in the area. 

Different means of transportation can be arranged to get there from the airport. Airport transportation with car seats offers convenience to those wishing to get to their accommodation or other destination in the city.

For families, a car service with car seats is highly recommended. You can access an airport taxi with car seat outside the airport’s arrivals area.

The law in Japan requires all children aged 0-6 to sit in a rear-facing car seat at all times while traveling in a car, so families with young kids need to use taxis with car seats. Older children should only travel in booster seats. This is a precaution put in place for their safety.

This article will provide you with information about the best family destinations in Tokyo. You’ll also find out where you can find family taxis with car seats in the Japanese capital.

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Where to get family taxis with car seats in Tokyo

Taxi Bambino has got to be the number one airport taxi service with car seats. Its taxi service with car seats is excellent for families and the website is easy to navigate. 

The taxi hire company has a wide array of vehicles with car seats to choose from, and you can get valuable advice for you if you’re traveling with your little ones.

In Tokyo, the law requires babies and older children to be safely buckled in car seats according to their age and weight when traveling by car, so you should always secure the services of a family taxi with car seats. 

With proper early planning and booking, everything usually goes according to plan. 

Taxi Bambino’s services can be accessed through their website or by calling the numbers indicated on their page.

Their polite drivers will make sure any traveler in need of transport services with car seats are catered for.


Best family destinations in Tokyo (and how to get there)

If you’re touring Tokyo with kids, there are fantastic places to visit. These places are full of interesting activities and you’d be glad that you took your children with you. They include:

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum is a great way to witness various exhibitions and attend outstanding events. The first art museum in Japan is situated within Ueno Park, Tokyo. It houses cultural and historic national treasures linked to Japan and the Far East & Asia.

You can take your young ones to witness the masterful Japanese artwork, archaeological pieces, and artifacts known to originate from Egypt & India. 

A collection you cannot miss is the Horyuji Treasures comprising more than 300 pieces of Buddhist art. 

All the exhibits you’ll be seeing in the museum are organized according to category. 

To get to the Tokyo National Museum, you can take a bus or a taxi from the airport. The distance between the two is about 23km and this will take you around 17 minutes if you’re using a taxi. 

Since you’re traveling with young children, using a taxi service with car seat would be more convenient because you can take advantage of the safety measures it offers.

Since your young kids will tag along, it’s advisable to look for stroller rentals to make your trips around the National Museum more convenient. A stroller is the best way to move around with an infant or toddler.  


Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Land & Disney Sea are two parks near the airport. They’re family-friendly and located in Tokyo Disney Resort. The parks are Disney-themed, so taking your time to enjoy the beautiful sights would be worth it.

The activities your children can enjoy include rides such as Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thunder Mountain, Snow White Adventures, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight, the Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain.

These unique rides, which you can only access within the park, are among the best you can find in any Disney Park around the world.

At Tokyo Disney Sea, the rides are more intense, and this is where you’ll find different dining options. There are also amazing character encounters, as well as kid-friendly rides that your little ones should not miss. 

At the park, you’ll find kid-friendly onsite hotels that serve great meals for you and your family.

There are a number of options if you wish to head to Tokyo Disneyland from Haneda Airport. Right outside the airport are Limousine buses and shuttles that you can use. It takes you up to 1 hour to reach your destination. 

However, the most convenient way to travel with your children to Tokyo Disney Land is by taxi. This option takes you about 22 minutes to cover the 12.8km.

Mount Takao

Mount Takao is best for hiking lovers. It’s among the most popular spots for hiking because its height is more approachable for beginners. You won’t take too long to reach the top, making it an excellent activity to do with your children while in Tokyo.

It has ten trails, with the longest taking around two hours to finish. Available are food stalls, shops, as well as a temple that’s located right at Mount Takao’s summit. So, if you feel like relaxing, you can take a bite before starting your journey back down. 

There’s also Takao Monkey Park on trail 1. This is an enclosure with a glass wall that has around 60 Japanese macaques. The guides normally know them by name and can have one or two come next to the walls.

There are a variety of ways to get to Mount Takao from the airport. You can use a bus, train, shuttle, or a taxi with car seats to cover the distance of almost 75km.

Book a safe taxi with car seats via Taxi Bambino when traveling with small children.

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