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Stockholm, Sweden

Book your family taxi with car seat in Stockholm

Child friendly cab in Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden, is home to the world’s largest hemispherical building, The Ericsson Globe. The 1989 dome building is visible from any part of Sweden. Additionally, more than 70,000 Stockholmers go about their business on bikes.

But cycling with your family to your destination or from one monumental site to another is not ideal.  Car service with car seats is your best bet. 

This post will dwell on some tourist attractions you could visit in Stockholm as a family and where to find family taxis with car seats in the Swedish capital city.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Stockholm, Sweden

Airport transfers can be hectic. Imagine being stranded at the airport and taking any taxi you find. Most likely, it will not be big enough, and the taxi service with car seats will not suit your needs.

You will have difficulty asking attendants at the terminal’s info desk, “Are there taxis with car seats near me?” A rushed decision.

Taxi Bambino offers taxis with car seats. Just log into their site, click on a location, and type in your details. Also include what you'll need during the transfer, such as the number of age-appropriate car seats.

Top family destinations in Stockholm (& how to get there)

Stockholm is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These are the  Drottningholm Royal Palace, the Woodland Cemetery, and the Birka archeological site.

Drottningholm Royal Palace

Drottningholm Palace is fun for kids. You could go on a safari to hunt for a lion, a flower, feathers, or some treasure in the palace any day from April. 

Image hunts in the palace are educational, and kids will enjoy finding things and rooms with a map. What’s more, there is a reward after the hunt.

A tour guide will take you around the palace in about 45 minutes, commenting on essential rooms and historical events.

The palace gardens are stunning, and partly why UNESCO marked Drottningholm Royal Palace as a world heritage. They are the French-inspired box hedged Baroque Garden, The Chinese Pavilion, and The English Garden.

Children can walk through the palace garden, appreciating the landscape before viewing the theater.

Getting to the palace via taxi on the 44.5 km stretch from Stockholm Airport will be about 40 mins.


Hold your kids' hands and take a magical Story Train, illustrative of a string of Swedish children's literature, the famous one  being ‘’Pippi Longstocking.’’ 

Additionally, your kids will enjoy riding Pippi’s horse and the Moominvalley. 

Junibacken’s performances and “museum” exhibits will keep your kids interested and playing for hours.

The cheapest way to get there is by line 67 bus and train, but it takes approximately 1 hour 23 minutes. A taxi is quicker.


The Vasa, now a museum, was a warship built in 1628 that sank on its first ocean trip. It is well preserved and fascinating to think it was undersea for more than three centuries and still stands. You will have to visit it, to appreciate it.

A taxi is the quickest way to get here, and train line 67 bus is the alternative. 

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