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Sevilla is the main city of Andalusia. It’s situated in the southern part of Spain and happens to be the fourth largest city in the country. Its construction is thought to have been carried out by Herculean, and it has some fascinating historical places that individuals and families can visit.

The city is famous for its outstanding architectural designs and the flamenco dance. It’s situated about 10km away from Sevilla Airport.

This post will be your guide to finding family taxi car seats in Sevilla, Spain, and discovering the best family destinations in the city.

Where to find family taxis with car seats in Sevilla, Spain

Taxi Bambino has taxis with car seats in Sevilla, Spain, that you can rely on when visiting the city and its environs. If traveling with an infant, baby, or young child, you need to book a car service with car seat. 

Spain has a law that demands that infants, babies, and young children must be secured using a child safety seat while being transported around. 

So, if you’re visiting Sevilla and your question is “where can I get taxis with car seats near me?,” you already have your question answered. 

If you’re connecting to the city from the Airport, you can book a taxi service with car seat to take you there. 

The 10km distance between the two places takes about 15 minutes using a taxi. 

Top family destinations in Sevilla, Spain (& how to get there)

There are unique sights and activities in Sevilla that will make you and your family feel spoilt for choice. Here are the top family destinations:

Museo del Baile Flamenco

The city is famous for its magnificent flamenco dancers, making it a great way to appreciate and celebrate the unique art. 

Museo del Baile Flamenco is devoted to entertaining visitors and informing them through singing, dancing, and playing the guitar. 

You’ll find the museum at Sevilla’s highest point within a building dating from the 18th century. It’s among the museums that are technologically advanced in Spain.

Some of the things you can experience here involve interactive exhibitions, including music and costumes. Exhibits include drawings and paintings. Also, music and dance classes are offered.

If you’re traveling to the museum from the Airport, using a taxi would be the most convenient way.


Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park is a great place for families. It’s full of flower beds, palm trees, and orange trees. If you long to unwind, this is the perfect place to do it. 

It has tiled benches with attractive colors and fountains installed in what is popularly called a Moorish style. This gives the city an exotic feel.

With the great architectural buildings and historical sites, visitors can appreciate how beautiful the city of Sevilla is. 

If you’re in Sevilla, a night bus will take you to the park in about 11 minutes, while a taxi would take about 5 minutes. You can also opt to walk there; it will take you 25 minutes. 

Mercado de Triana

Triana market offers a brilliant way to take a break from the busy areas visited by tourists in Sevilla. It provides a great way to interact with the locals.

Mercado de Triana is located in Triana, a place locally known as the “Independent Republic of Triana” because it has a strong personal identity.

It’s an indoor market providing a chance to do things that aren’t common in most tourist attraction areas. 

Even though the market sells only food, the busy and exciting atmosphere creates a wonderful experience for you and your family. 

The food market has ceramic tiles. The tiles are made from mud collected from the riverbank, and this is one of the things making it a celebrated site.

You can use a taxi or public transport like buses, metro buses, or trains to get to the market. But it is always a good idea to book a safe taxi with small children.