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New Delhi

Book your family taxi with car seat in  New Delhi

Child friendly cab in New Delhi


New Delhi is India’s capital city and is part of the NCT (National Capital Territory). The city is where all the government’s three arms are based. New Delhi, founded in 1911, is known to be a place where people are lively and with contented hearts. Other than that, the city has a huge number of ancient historical artifacts. 

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the main international airport that serves New Delhi. It covers about 5,106 acres and is located within Palam, Delhi. The airport is 16km from the city center and is the busiest when it comes to passenger and cargo traffic. 

If you intend to travel to New Delhi with your family, this post is here to guide you on how you can get family taxi car seats from the airport and around the city. This will help you plan your journey if you’re traveling with small children. Read on for more.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in New Delhi

Taxibambino offers impeccable car service with car seats if you wish to move from the airport to your preferred destination. Apart from great customer service, the taxis with car seats from the company are operated by vetted drivers. So you can be sure you and your family will be safe during the rides. 

For convenience, you should pre-book an airport transfer so that you’re picked by your driver immediately after arrival. 

If safety is your main concern when moving to and from the airport, family taxis with car seats are available for you via taxi services like Taxi Bambino. An airport taxi with car seat will ensure you enjoy great service during your movement. 

If you’re traveling with an infant or young children, safety child seats will be installed upon your request. Also, boosters for baby infants are available. 

Even though minicabs and taxis are exempted from providing a child seat as standard, booking a taxi service with car seat is highly recommended. This is because using a taxi with car seat ensures your young children ride comfortably and safely as you travel around. 

Top family destinations in New Delhi (and how to get there)

New Delhi is an expansive metropolitan area with different traditions and cultures. It has unique historical monuments that you and your children should explore.

Some of the top family destinations near the airport you can explore with your family include:

1. The National Rail Museum

In New Delhi is The National Rail Museum, representing over 166 years of the Indian Railway’s rich history. The museum covers more than 11 acres and is only about 7.6km from the airport, making it the best place to visit during a layover.

Looking like a railway yard, the museum includes a huge outdoor gallery housing various electric, diesel, and steam locomotives.

Also present is a splendid collection of royal wagons, carriages, saloons, armored trains, a turntable, and rail cars. 

These original extensive exhibits have been well kept and restored.

While at the Museum, your children will learn about the early transportation modes. There are also interactive displays in the indoor gallery that tell remarkable stories about these exhibits.

Also, you’ll be exploring amazing collections of photographs, railway artifacts, documents, and old furniture. Other historical things to explore include antiquated items and static exhibits replete with history.

You and your small children can also enjoy toy and joy train rides, Diesel and Steam Simulators, and 3D virtual coach rides.

A sumptuous meal at the kid-friendly restaurant within the museum will add to the amazing experience.

To get to the museum, you can use a taxi, bus, subway, or towncar. A taxi, however, would be faster as it would take you around 14 minutes to get there.

2. Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonders is an amusement park that opened in 2007. It houses a Water Park, an Amusement Park, and a track for Go-Karting, catering to both children and adults. 

The park, covering more than 10 acres, provides enough space for clients to relax. With the eye-catching colorful slides, you and your children will enjoy the sight and get going with the excitement. 

The enormous Water Park is only built for pleasure and adventure’s sake.

The Water Park has redefined how entertainment is done because of its extreme attractions that offer adrenaline-fueled thrills. Your entire family will enjoy fun-filled experiences and will cool off from the sweltering heat.

Worlds of Wonders is around 31km from the airport. There are taxis, towncars, buses, rideshare, and metro to take you there. But if you wish to get there faster, a taxi would be more appropriate. 

3. Deer Park

New Delhi has a preservation region known as Deer Park. The vast land includes a variety of subsections with flourishing fauna and flora. 

The sections include the Rabbit Park, Rose Garden, Deer Park, Duck Park, and scattered picnic spots. While at the park, you can also visit a series of tombs dating back to the Mughal era.

There’s also a lake within the park with lots of vegetation surrounding it. Many locals take morning walks in the park to enjoy the pollution-free environment.

There are also people who visit for bird-watching. Once in a while, you can spot a rabbit or even a rise-winged parakeet. 

Because of the fauna and flora, children will find an opportunity to learn about how animals and their biodiversity co-exist.

Deer Park is about 12km from the airport. Covering it would take you around 28 minutes. You can take a taxi to get there from the airport.

When visiting New Delhi with small children book a safe family taxi with car seats.

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