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Book your family taxi with car seat in  Mumbai

Child friendly cab in Mumbai


The primary airport of Mumbai is called the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport or Mumbai International Airport. It is situated in Andheri, 26 km north of Mumbai. Another smaller private airport is present in Juhu.

Are you looking for a safe yet typical South Asian experience for your family? If you want to live in one of the best cultures, you must make Mumbai your next stop. 

Mumbai is full of life, colors, and culture. There are many cultural heritages and fun arcades where you can spend some quality time with your kids. 

It is the economic headquarters of India with a heavy population rate. Various billionaires have opted for the city as their abode because of its enthusiastic living experience. It is also commonly called ‘Bombay’ and is home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

However, visiting Mumbai with your family can have some risks regarding airport transportation with car seats. But there is no need to stress over taxis with car seats because this article will provide you with all the necessary information. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a bustling city, and like any big city, it has its vast transportation service. You can get a cab from the terminal of the Mumbai International Airport. You can either search for one at the airport or book one using Taxi Bambino for a taxi with car seat.

Most travelers and tourists prefer commuting through the local cab service available in the region. But since the local laws don’t abide infants traveling in a car seat, it is rare to find any such service in local taxis. 

To save yourself from the hassle, always book a taxi service with car seat beforehand. Several online sites and apps provide such services. You just need to search for “taxis with car seats near me.” The taxi will be waiting for you at the terminal. 

Top family destinations in Mumbai (& how to get there)

Even the tiniest moments become unforgettable when you're among your loved ones. That is why going on a family vacation is always a fine decision. The only catch is selecting places that attract both adults and children. This, however, should not be a problem in a metropolis like Mumbai.

The city features a wide range of activities for people of all ages, making it among the most incredible destinations to visit with kids on holidays. Sightseeing is accessible due to hundreds of strollers, booster chairs, other baby gear rentals, and plenty of kid-friendly cafes.

Below is a list of some of the best spots to explore in Mumbai with your family.

1. Gateway of India

Do you and your kids are fond of historical sites? Do your kids want to learn about the different historical sites in every city they travel to? If so, then you must take them to the Gateway of India.

The Gateway of India is, without a doubt, one of Mumbai's most recognizable landmarks. This massive monument was created in 1924 to honor King George V and Queen Mary's trip to the region. Standing close to the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and facing the Arabian Sea, it embodies architectural beauty. 

It is located at Apollo Bandar, Colaba, and it's open to visitors. There is no visiting fee, and you could enjoy some ferry rides, which may charge some fare. You can get there by public transport or use an online car service with car seat.

2. Elephanta Caves

If you are planning to go to the gateway of India, you must be a fan of historical sites. If your kids aren’t tired of all the history they will learn, the Elephanta Caves is the next best place to enjoy and learn about the country’s culture and religion! 

The Elephanta Caves are a world-famous travel destination in Western India. A small island called Elephant Island or - more commonly known as - the Island of Gharapuri, features two hillocks.

The Elephanta Caves gained recognition because of the collection of rock art that depicts the cult of Shiva. The art perfectly showcases Indian history. It is also a great representation of the country’s art. The caves are ruins of the artworks, but you can still appreciate what’s left. Plus, they offer the best view of Mumbai’s skyline! Your kids will be in awe of the art, the ruins, and the incredible skyline.  

You can catch any local bus from the city and reach the Gateway of India. However, the more convenient way would be to book a taxi service with car seat. From the Gateway of India, a ferry will take you to the Island. 


 3. EsselWorld 

When traveling with kids, it is essential to go to places they will enjoy the most. A local zoo, a water park, and a theme park are just some of the places kids love to visit. That is why our next recommendation for you and your family is EsselWorld

EsselWorld is India’s largest amusement theme park in Gora Mumbai. You can go to the park by road, or if you are in the mood for a ride on the sea, you can choose a ferry to take you to the park.  

It has almost 50 rides, offering different thrill, fun, and excitement levels. The best part is that there are rides for all ages. You can go with your family and enjoy it to the fullest! It also has other activities such as magic shows and musical nights. 

4. Smaaash

Although the Mumbai International Airport has a play zone in its international section of T2, you can still plan a visit to a kid-friendly place in the city during a layover.

We have the best place for all the parents who are tired of the generic travel destinations, just 26 minutes away from the airport. If you and your kids would love a day filled with extreme fun and laughter, you should visit Smaaash

The place is filled with thrill, adventure, and so many games. It is India’s best entertainment and gaming center that offers various games. It offers everything from sports to VR games, from recreational activities to parties. It is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

If you create a proper plan, you will be lucky enough to travel to all these destinations. The best part is that you shouldn’t worry about the commute. The city offers easy and reasonable commute through local buses and taxis. And if you want to be extra safe with your kids, you can always book a taxi with car seats.  

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