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Mexico City

Book your family taxi with car seat in Mexico City

Child friendly cab in Mexico City


The densely populated Mexico City is a leading urban center with a rich and diverse environment. Known for its vibrant nightlife, food, art, and culture, Mexico City is an important continental hub. Thanks to its culinary scene and up-all-night energy, it compares to all other global capitals.

There are many different ways to wander, places to see, and experiences to have. If you’re planning a family visit to this iconic city, you must know the best things to do and how to get around.

This post will explore where to find family taxis with car seats in Mexico City.

Read on to learn the most exciting things to do with your family!

Where to find family taxis with car seats in Mexico City

Finding family taxis with car seats in Mexico City is easy on the Taxi Bambino website. It only requires a few steps once you open the website. Click on "book taxi," input your address and destination, and your safe ride will come to pick you up.

The airports in Mexico City are always busy. Commuting can be a tough call with numerous travelers trying to get around. But it is a lot easier with taxis.

What's more, you'll ensure your children's safety when traveling by choosing taxis with car seats. You can get boosters depending on your child's age and size.

Tour-worthy family attractions in Mexico City (& how to get there)

Mexico City is a fun place with many different activity locations. If you’re looking to have a memorable family time, you must know the tour-worthy attractions in the city. Here’s a quick list of top places to visit with your family.

1. Six Flags Mexico

Kids love amusement parks, and Mexico City has an excellent Six Flags theme park. Located in the city's southern area, in the Tlalpan forest, the park is one of the best things to do with children in Mexico. With plenty of activities to enjoy, your little ones will thank you for bringing them along.

Some top attractions at Six Flags Mexico are bumper cars, laser tag, and Justice League-themed rides. The park is home to the world’s former largest piñata. Many visitors and locals spend time at Six Flags Mexico, so it is advisable to get there early.

Book a safe car service with car seats and head to Carr. Picacho-Ajusco Km 1.5, Jardines del Ajusco, Tlalpan. Your family will have an exciting experience!

2. Papalote Museo del Niño

Located in the heat of Mexico City, in Bosque de Chapultepec, Papalote Museo del Niño is an excellent museum for young children. The museum is home to many crafty and interactive exhibits capable of keeping your kids occupied all day long. You'll enjoy exploring the different sections of this fantastic museum.

Some sections include Lego, Mexico, My body, and Mi City. It’s all about learning and playing at Papalote Museo del Niño. Taxis with car seats are the most convenient way to get there with your family. Book one and ride to Av Constituyentes 28, Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo.

3. Acuario Inbursa

Located in Swanky Polanco, this aquarium is a must-visit for families with kids. It is an ideal activity location for people looking for a unique experience, as it offers a different vibe from Mexico City. The tranquil environment is easy to navigate.

Explore the underground aquarium and marvel at different types of sea life. When you look at the exteriors, you may not be excited about Acuario Inbursa. But you'll be in awe once you step inside.

Your stay in Mexico City could be the best family adventure you have ever had. Make sure you take safety precautions at all times. Commute with a taxi service with car seats to protect your little ones.

Book a safe taxi with small children!

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