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Merida, Spain

Book your family taxi with car seat in Merida, Spain

Child friendly cab in Merida, Spain


Have you seen movies like “Back to the Future” and “Groundhog Day” and wished you could travel back in time to experience the past?

Then go to Merida, Spain. 

Merida is one of the few places in the world that gives the feeling of traveling back in time. This is because the town holds some of the best-preserved ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, which include amphitheaters, temples, aqueducts, arches, circuses, museums, and more. 

However, when visiting Merida to experience the past, you’ll want to make the trip as safe as possible for your kids by using only taxis with car seats. 

We’ll tell you how to get a taxi service with car seat when in Merida and recommend some of the best child-friendly attractions in Merida.

Where to find family taxis with car seats in Merida, Spain

The trusted name when it comes to making trips safe for children is Taxi Bambino. The service will direct you to taxis with car seats from any of the airports near Merida for your family trip to the city.

There are multiple airports near Merida. If you’re visiting the city, you’ll fly into one of the below airports before taking a bus or taxi to the city.

The airports, their distance from the city center (as well as driving distance) are:

  • Badajoz Airport - 50 km (41 minutes)

  • Seville Airport - 198 km (1 hr 54 minutes)

  • Salamanca-Matacan Airport - 271 km (2 hrs 41 minutes)

  • Jerez Airport - 282 km (2 hrs 42 minutes)

  • Lisbon Airport (Portugal) - 284 km (2hrs 35 minutes)

  • Madrid Airport - 357 km (3 hrs 16 minutes)

  • Faro Airport (Portugal) - 383 km (3 hrs 41 minutes)

The Badajoz Airport (the closest to the city center) and Salamanca Airport service only domestic flights. For international flights, you’ll have to use one of the others.

Transportation from any of the airports to the city center is easy via public buses or taxis. While buses have designated routes and stops, the taxis will take you to precisely where you lodge.

Buses also do not come with children safety seats - car seats and boosters. However, using Taxi Bambino, you can arrange taxis with these safety seats to make your trip to and around Merida safe for your family.


3 best child-friendly attractions in Merida, Spain 

Some of the best places to visit in Merida with kids include:

  • Roman Amphitheater

  • Roman Theater

  • National Museum of Roman Art

1. Anfiteatro Romano (Roman Amphitheater)

At the center of the city is the amphitheater inaugurated in 8 BCE. Your family can come down from the taxi with car seats and walk into the massive stadium-like building that was used for seating about 15,000.

Like modern stadiums, it was for leisure. It featured gladiatorial fights, fights with wild animals, battle reenactments, and more. The kids will be excited to walk on the very sands where gladiatorial legends were made.

2. Teatro Romano (Roman Theater)

Next to the amphitheater is The Roman Theater - an enormous monument built in 15BC. The children will marvel at the remains of the sloped semicircular seating area that used to hold some 6,000 spectators. 

If you’re visiting around July and August, you’ll be thrilled by the Classical Theater Festival hosted in the theater.


3. National Museum of Roman Art

Just opposite the Roman Theater is this historical museum that displays Roman antiquities like coins, glassware, ceramics, wall paintings, and more. These objects will show the kids what ordinary day life was like in the ancient Roman empire.

They can also get a glimpse of what archaeological excavation is because excavations are in progress in the museum's basement.

From the best of the past to the best of the modern, there’s so much to enjoy in the Spanish town of Merida with your kids. However, while you plan the fun trip, ensure to make it safe by using taxis with car seats.

Book a safe taxi seat with children.

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