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Kraków, Poland

Book your family taxi with car seat in Kraków, Poland

Child friendly cab in Kraków, Poland


Kraków is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It sits on significant historic trade routes. A fire-breathing dragon ravaged the town before Krakus, in his wisdom, fed it a sulfur-intoxicated lamb, and it died. 

You can definitely read the “King Krakus and the Dragon” fairy tale to your kids before visiting Kraków. Not to scare them but to prepare them to see firsthand the displayed bones of the Wawel dragon in Kraków Wawel Cathedral. 

This post will cover some must-visit tourist attractions in Kraków, some of which happen to be far off, so knowing where to find taxi services with car seats will come in handy.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Kraków, Poland

Hiring taxis with car seats is not an issue. Rather than searching on the web for “taxis with car seats near me,” you can pre-book your taxi at Taxi Bambino and save some time.

If you are on the move with a baby, remind the car service to include a baby car seat. We offer baby car seats, children seats, and boosters, so you only have to mention which option would be appropriate for your kids when booking a taxi.

Tour-worthy family destinations in Kraków (& how to get there)

Kraków is about 15 km from Kraków International Airport. Although the medieval town is charming, kids may not get it. So, here is a list of places and things to do that could excite them.

If you are on a budget, you can consider getting the Kraków card in preparation for your visits. With it, you have free entry to about 37 museums in Poland.

Also, ask for family or children discounts at every destination. 

Wawel Royal Castle

As you wander around the Wawel Royal Castle, kids can listen to stories about what happened in the past and take in the history of Poland.

Still, the most exciting thing is to visit the Dragon’s Den and see the cave where he dwelt. Beware, there are actual bones of the dragon!

You will get to the den via stairs. The cave is only open for public view from April to October. 

If you use a taxi, you will cover the 23.7 km to Wawel Royal Castle in about 20 minutes via Main Square. That’s the fastest way to get there.

If you board a train from the airport, line 252 or 208 during the day, or 902 at night, it will take you 44 mins to reach Wawel. 

Krakow Zoo

Ogród Zoologiczny w Krakowie is home to waterbucks, wolves, sea lions, and hippos, among the more than 1500 animals.

To get there, you will go up a hill into the Las Wolski forest, taking in the beautiful green scenery.

The zoo has a kids' section where kids can touch some pet animals like rabbits.

The zoo is accessible via bus from the Cracovia stadium and is open from January to December, including national holidays.

Amusement parks and water parks

You could visit five parks, and Park Wodny tops the list. It has meandering slides, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. There are also paddles for toddlers and babies.

For mind games and play, GOkidz! Kraków is an excellent choice. There is an endless trampoline area at GOjump, while GOair has massive inflatable play areas.

GOjump MEGApark Sikorki Park Trampoline combines inflatable play areas with massive trampolines, and your kids can get over the jet lag.

Be sure to also visit Energylandia Water Park, the largest water park in Poland.

The Bagra beach

You can take a taxi from the market square to this artificial beach to swim and sunbathe with your kids. The water is clean and okay for your little ones to swim in.

Salt mine

Your kids will enjoy Kopalnia Soli „Wieliczka, a UNESCO heritage, as it takes them through history in sculptures. From statues to an underground church, all carved by hand from salt mines.

Book a safe taxi for small children now!

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