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Book your family taxi with car seat in Jamaica

Child friendly cab in Jamaica


Jamaica is an island country that was initially inhabited by the native Taíno people before it came under Spanish rule in 1494 and then under British colonial rule in 1655.

The island has been free from British rulership since the 6th of August 1962, when it gained its independence.

Its population reaches 2.9 million people, making it the fourth-largest populated country in the Caribbean and the third-largest populated Anglophone country in the Americas behind the United States and Canada.

The island capital “Kingston” is the country’s largest city, and the primary airport serving it is the Norman Manley International Airport.

There are two other international airports serving the country named Ian Fleming International Airport and Sangster International Airport.

As of 2021, Norman Manley International Airport served 830,500 arriving passengers making it the country's second busiest airport, just behind Sangster International Airport.

The country is known for its prowess in sports and athletics.

It’s the origin of the Rastafari religion and reggae music. One of its most notable musical icons is the late Bob Marley.

Jamaica’s economy is deeply hooked on tourism, with 4.3 million tourists on average visiting the country per year.

In this post, you will learn about taxis with car seats, where to book a safe taxi with small children, 5 family attractions in Jamaica, and how to get there.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Jamaica

When traveling to Jamaica with your family, arranging a car service that includes a car seat is essential. Taxi Bambino is a service that provides clients with airport transportation with car seats for their family's safety and comfort.

Moving around the island is usually done by bus, van, airport shuttle, taxis, Lyft, and airport transfer.

As an adult traveling with children, Taxi Bambino is the place to go if you need a car service with car seats. Taxi Bambino is a simple pre-booking service that can help transport families from Norman Manley International Airport to the island city center safely and comfortably.

Our drivers are professionals who will gladly receive your family and then assist you in navigating the airport to your destination.

The car seat laws in Jamaica require babies up to age 4 to always be in acceptable child safety seats regardless of their sitting position. Infants that are up to one year in age are required to make use of a rear-facing safety seat when traveling in a car with the airbag deactivated.

You won't have to worry about the safety of your family because our vehicles are equipped with car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

 5 family attractions in Jamaica (& how to get there) 

Jamaica is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean islands known for its music, religion, culture, and beautiful resorts/beaches. Driving from Norman Manley International Airport to the city center takes roughly 20 minutes (16.2 km).

For families planning to visit this notable Caribbean island, here are 5 family attractions in Jamaica and how to get there. 

Hope Zoo

Hope Zoo Kingston is home to several animals, such as the endangered iguanas, lions, donkeys, kangaroos, flamingos, Burmese Python, etc.

The zoo also acts as a conservation center.

You can choose to have a family picnic in the park or patronize the restaurants within the zoo. 

It is certainly one of the fun places for kids and families visiting Jamaica to see.

Devon House Mansion 

Devon House Mansion is a national monument that used to be a place George Stiebel (Jamaica’s first black millionaire) called home.

The mansion offers a nice recreational site for families to have fun and kids to play, while parents can just relax and watch their kids in the garden.

Many excellent restaurants and bars are available within the mansion vicinity, offering both Jamaican and international cuisines that visitors can patronize to wine and dine in. 

Looking to take a souvenir back home to tell friends of your trip to Jamaica? There are shops around the mansion that sell locally made jewelry, crafts, clothing, and gift items that you can buy and adorn your kids with or take home to gift friends and families who have never been to this happy island.

Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios 

Do you love dolphins? If you do, then Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios is the place to visit when you take a family trip to Jamaica.

There are tons of side attractions to do here. For instance, you could choose to go for a swim in the pool or at the beach. You could also go see some lovely animals on-site such as iguanas, love birds, macaws, sharks, stingrays, etc. 

Other activities that you can do in this fun resort include a water slide, kayaking, and swimming with the dolphins. And there are restaurants and gift shops close by where you can have some food, grab a beer, and pick up souvenirs.

Lovely place to visit and have real fun with your family.   

Kool Runnings Waterpark

Kool Runnings Waterpark is a beautiful and clean adventure park.

There are tons of fun activities for families here, including rafting, Go-kart racing, canoeing, paintball, water sliding for kids, etc.

There are also many wonderful local food shops, restaurants, and shopping marts around the park in case you want some coffee, snack, or food.

Lovely park for an adult with kids to have an amazing time. 

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel 

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel is an Oceanview/Mountain view kid-friendly hotel that is just 7.5 km away from Norman Manley International Airport.

The hotel’s proximity to the airport makes it a great spot during layovers. 

The hotel rooms are equipped and clean, they have got a lounge, salon, and spa, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, two tennis courts, a bar, and a restaurant where you can have a daily buffet breakfast as part of your room rate, and year-round themed dinner for guests.

Planning to take a holiday trip with your family to Jamaica? We've got you covered, Taxi Bambino can take you and your kids to these destinations.

Get family taxis with car seats on Taxi Bambino right here.

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