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Ibiza, Spain

Book your family taxi with car seat in Ibiza, Spain

Child friendly cab in Ibiza, Spain


Spain's safety standards require every child to sit in a car seat.  As such, you must get family taxis car seats in Ibiza through companies that offer taxi services. 

A child must sit in an approved car seat designed for their safety in Spain. It increases their chance of survival in case of an accident or emergency.

Read on to find out where you can get family taxis with car seats that follow the state requirements for child safety. You’ll also learn about the best family attractions in Ibiza. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Ibiza, Spain

You can get family taxis with car seats in Ibiza by choosing a company that offers taxi service with car seats.

If you are skeptical about traveling with your child due to transportation risks, pre-book a taxi through reputable taxi service companies. For instance, Taxi Bambino provides taxis with car seats that are suitable for your child's weight or age.

Here are some of the mandatory car seat rules for different age brackets in Spain:

  • Nine months (10kg)- carrycots across the rear seat are compulsory and secured with any approved attachments like a safety belt.

  • Two years (10kg- 13kg)- child must face in the rearwards direction on a car seat attached in the rear.

  • Nine months to 3 years (9kg to 18kg)- car seats have to face rearwards or forward and safely secured in the car's rear.

  • 3 to 6 years (15kg to 25kg)- child must use a CE-EU-approved seat adaptor to lift the child.

The companies provide child seats when you are picked up from the airport or any other location. You have an easy tie traveling with your children in Ibiza.

Family attractions in Ibiza (& how to get there)

Here are the different family attractions to visit with kids in Ibiza: 

Cala Bassa beach

Cala Bassa is a sand beach located on Ibiza's west coast and enclosed with old juniper trees. There are so many activities to do on Cala Bassa with your kids, including the following:

  • Swimming

  • Snorkeling the cove's underwater caves and small rocky pools

  • Visiting the restaurants set along the beach

Cala Bassa is located 20.66 km away from Ibiza airport. You can get there within 25 minutes approximately using a taxi—the duration changes depending on the traffic, type of vehicle, etc. 

Cap Blanc Aquarium 

Cap Blanc Aquarium used a storage tank for lobsters as fishermen waited to take them to the market. It is located in a large natural cave with five openings that allow water to flow in and out of the cave. 

Here you will find sea animals such as octopus, fish, and rays. Plus, sea turtles are nursed back to health before being released into the ocean. 

You can get to Cap Blanc within 24 to 30 minutes, depending on the route and the type of car. There are three main routes to get to the Aquarium from the Ibiza airport, including the following:

  • via Ctra. Eivissa-Sant Antoni/C-731- 24 minutes

  • via EI-700/PM-803- 28 minutes

  • via Camí de Cas Colls- 30 minutes

Punta Arabi Market

Punta Arabi Market is the largest hippy market in Ibiza, located near S'Argamassa Beach. There are over 500 artisans that sell clothes, toys, natural cosmetics, and souvenirs on Wednesdays. 

You will also find stalls selling fruit juice, craft beer, paella, etc. Your kids will have fun shopping for toys, listening to music, and engaging in workshops like making t-shirts and face painting.

You can get to Punta Arabi Market from the Ibiza Airport in 34 to 40 minutes. 

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be hectic. With Taxi Bambino, you can have fun and adventure with infants and young kids. We help you secure the safest taxi services with baby seats and boosters for infants, babies, and young children.

Book a safe taxi for children with Taxi Bambino now!

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