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Hong Kong

Book your family taxi with car seat in  Hong Kong

Child friendly cab in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is an exciting place where East meets West. Its colonial background makes it a sophisticated fusion of Chinese customs and Western life. If you are torn between the vibrant culture of the far East and the glamour of the West, then visit Hong Kong to experience it all in one place.

You’ll probably land at the Hong Kong International Airport when arriving in Hong Kong, as it is the country’s main airport. The airport started commercial operations in 1998 but has become one of the busiest in the world.

When going to Hong Kong with your little ones for a family vacation, you don’t need to increase your luggage by packing your children’s car seats. This article will tell you how to get taxis with car seats in Hong Kong to make car rides around town safe for your little ones.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Hong Kong

Taxis in Hong Kong do not come with car seats because the laws make child restraint devices compulsory only for private vehicles. So, getting a family taxi with car seats is possible only by using a service like Taxi Bambino, which provides child-friendly taxi rides.

A wide variety of transport services operate to and from Hong Kong International Airport. These include Airport Express (train) service, public buses, taxis, hotel coaches, and resident coaches.

However, taxi rides are the most flexible way of all the options as they offer door-to-door services. Unlike other transportation options, taxis will drop you off right at the entrance of wherever you lodge.

The most significant advantage that taxis have over other forms of transportation is that the rides can be made safe for kids. Unlike the different forms of public transport, you’ll be able to install child restraint devices (infant car seats and booster seats) in taxis. So, you can strap your children in for safe rides around town. 

Car seat regulations in Hong Kong apply only to private vehicles and not to public means of transportation.

However, accidents do not choose between private and public. Thus, though the law does not require car seats for children when riding in taxis, parents driven by the safety of their kids will insist on it. 

In the airport, taxis are located just outside the Arrivals Hall. According to their operating areas, they are color-coded (red, green, and blue). 

However, because taxis don’t have to abide by the car seat laws in Hong Kong, taxis here do not come with car seats. To get a car service with car seat, you’ll have to book your taxi ride using a special service like Taxi Bambino.

Best child-friendly destinations in Hong Kong (& how to get there)

Some of the destinations to go with your children when in Hong Kong are:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Hong Kong Park

  • Tian Tan Buddha

  • Fishing Village of Tai O

  • Central Harbourfront

  • Hong Kong Science Museum


1. Hong Kong Disneyland

If Disneyland is in a city, it is one of the best places to visit with kids. Hong Kong Disneyland is not an exception.

It is the largest theme park in the country. Hong Kong Disneyland has exciting activities for the kids. Your children will get to experience their favorite Disney characters. There’s so much to wow them - from spinning around in Cinderella Carousel to soaring high in the sky on Dumbo the Flying Elephant to an adventurous climb up Tarzan’s treehouse and more. There’re jungle river cruises, water slides, a thrilling recreation of rocketing through space, and more.

Interestingly, Hong Kong Disneyland is very close to Hong Kong International Airport. It is 16km east of the airport, a 12-minute drive in a taxi. This makes it a perfect destination to whisk your kids off for fun when on a layover.


2. Hong Kong Park

Further east is the Hong Kong Park, sited next to Cotton Tree Drive, in Central. The natural landscape of the public park is refreshing. Kids will be excited by turtles and koi fishes swimming in ponds situated along some walkways. The park also has an aviary that offers delightful “bird exhibitions.”

There are modern gardens where children can jump around and catch their cruise. There’s even a teaware museum to learn how tea shapes Asian culture.

3. Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha is about 30km south of the Hong Kong International Airport. It is in Po Lin Monastery, which you can reach via S Lantau road. It’s a 40-minute ride in a taxi with car seats.

The Big Buddha is a perfect place to take the kids. The sheer massiveness of the statute is sure to wow them. Climb the 268 steps to get close to the majestic Buddha as it sits atop a mountain. While the climb is a great cardio workout, the big Buddha gets more impressive as you climb up. The platforms at the top also offer an excellent view of the whole Island.

4. Fishing Village of Tai O

Just a few miles east of Tian Tan Budha is the fishing village of Tai O. The village is also about 40 minutes from Hong Kong International airport.

The quaint village features lots of houses built atop stilts over canal waters. However, while the authentic tranquil town may not excite the kids, a quick boat ride from the village to see pink dolphins will. Kids love the sight of these very rare friendly mammals as they swim and play around in the waters of Tai O.


5. Central Harbourfront

The Central Harbourfront is a waterfront site located in Central that is easily accessible by taxis. It is now home to Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park.

The Observation Wheel is a Ferris Wheel that gives you sky-high thrills. Your kids will love the experience of climbing into its air-conditioned gondola and being taken as high as 60 meters as the wheel rotates nice and slow. It gives incredible views of Victoria Harbour.

Besides the giant wheel, there’re still many fun activities for the kids. Both kids and adults can catch fun in classic dodgems with vintage designs, and there’s a carousel where kids can hop on hand-painted horses for a joyful spin around. The vitality park offers “fun-tastic” wellness classes for young children.


6. Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong science museum is just north of Central Harbourfront. From the Hong Kong International Airport, it’s a 34-minute drive in your taxi ride.

The Museum has about 500 exhibitions and 18 galleries, and many of these are participatory, allowing people of all ages to explore the fun of science. One of its most exciting exhibits is the Energy Machine. The 22-meter high machine demonstrates energy conversion in a fantastic display that produces dramatic sounds and visual effects.

The Earth Science gallery will take your kids on a thrilling walk on how the earth is formed, the changes it constantly undergoes, and more. The Biodiversity gallery will “transport” your kids to different interesting habitats (like forests, mangroves, etc.), teaching them about different species and the importance of biodiversity conversation.

There’s so much in Hong Kong to give your kids an unforgettable vacation experience - from pure fun in Hong Kong Disneyland and Observation Wheel to being wowed by the giant Buddha and rare pink dolphins. 

However, when zooming around town to enjoy the fun activities, make your ride safe for your kids by using taxis with car seats. Contact Taxi Bambino to book a safe taxi with small children.

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