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Buenos Aires

Book your family taxi with car seat in Buenos Aires

Child friendly cab in Buenos Aires


If you're looking for a beautiful destination to relax and unwind with your kids, Buenos Aires would be a wise and excellent choice. 

The vibrant, dynamic, and multicultural capital of Argentina is one of the most fascinating cities in the world because of its contemporary vigor, electrifying nightlife, and attractive child-friendly destinations that you and your kids will surely enjoy.

During your vacation, you will have the opportunity to tour various weekend fairs, exquisite dining places, historical buildings, plazas, and museums. In Buenos Aires, the ways to enjoy it are limitless. 

You can go around exploring European architecture while allowing your children to enjoy the hospitality of Porteños in various playrooms, kid-friendly hotels, and even cafes for children. 

However, before we go through the city's top family-friendly destinations, let us get a quick review on the basics of traveling safely in Buenos Aires with your family, beginning with finding family taxis with car seats. 


Where to find family taxis with car seats in Buenos Aires

The Ministro Pistarini International Airport Ezeiza (EZE) is the only airport known to accept international flights in Buenos Aires. 

The moment you set foot in the airport, you’ll want to find a taxi as the Buenos Aires city center is still 31 kilometers away. 

If you are traveling as a family, you will most likely have luggage, backpacks, and children with you, so a family taxi service with car seats and boosters for baby infants is the ideal solution for you. 

Regardless of the airline you choose, you will always land at Terminal A. After passing through passport control and claiming your bags, prepare the address of your hotel, Air BnB, or any place of stay, then get an airport taxi with car seats to drive you to downtown Buenos Aires. The trip takes around 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the traffic. 

You can opt to take a public bus from the airport to Buenos Aires. This is an affordable and convenient way to begin exploring the city as you only need to pay about a dollar. However, the hassle that comes with carrying all your bags and the kids can be overwhelming.

If budget is not a problem, you and your family can travel comfortably by arranging for a private taxi with car seats or airport transportation with car and booster seats for baby infants.

You can look for a taxi outside the arrival hall. However, some taxi drivers may choose not to use their meters and overcharge you on top of service expenses. The taxi ride should only cost around $25 to $30.

There are shuttle buses available for only $12, but the stops are limited. You also have to research which shuttle buses can get you to the stop nearest to your desired location. 

You can also look for an Uber. However, Uber is not recognized as a legitimate taxi business in Argentina as it operates without any official authorization from the Ministry of Transportation. 

So the best way to travel comfortably and hassle-free around Buenos Aires is to book a child-friendly taxi with car seats from legal taxi companies like Taxi Bambino.

Top family-friendly destinations in Buenos Aires and how to get there

Here are the top five family-friendly neighborhoods in Buenos Aires with great destinations that you and your children will surely love. 

For uniformity, let’s set Plaza de Mayo as your point of origin.


1. Palermo is Buenos Aires' biggest and greenest district. Its top destinations include:

  • Parque Las Heras - for a full recreational experience where children could enjoy the carousel and playground. Kids can also paint for a small fee and power wheels, while parents can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of classical and contemporary landscapes.

  • Casa Mua - a coffee shop with delectable dishes along with a special kids’ menu.

  • Museo Nacional De Arte Decorativo - a grand mansion turned museum full of sculptures, paintings, and miniatures to learn about.

The cheapest mode of transportation from Plaza de Mayo to Palermo is by bus, which costs $16 - $21 and takes 21 minutes, while the fastest mode of transportation is via taxi, which takes around 8 minutes and costs $280 - $340.

2. Recoleta is Buenos Aires' most culturally diverse neighborhood. Its top destinations include:

  • Museo Participativo De Ciencias - an interactive museum with an emphasis on science. They have different exhibits that can teach kids how concepts like electricity and gravity work.

  • Centro Cultural Recoleta - an arts center with musical and theatrical performances for the whole family to watch and enjoy.

  • Basilica de Nuestra Senora Del Pilar - a 16th-century chapel for a unique, and religious experience.

  • Floralis Generica, a man-made flower-shaped sculpture surrounded by trees and buildings.

The bus, which costs $14 - $18 and takes 9 minutes, is the cheapest method to go from Plaza de Mayo to Recoleta. On the other hand, a cab ride will cost $150.

3. San Telmo. One of the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, San Telmo is considered a National Historic Monument. Its top destinations include:

  • Mercado de San Telmo - a colorful, Paris-style marketplace for a chill afternoon to stroll, eat, and relax.

  • Calle Defensa - a historic street with lots of antique buildings, shops, and cafes.

  • El Zanjon de Granados - a 19th-century home with interesting tunnels underneath.

The bus route 391 Independencia Av is the cheapest method to go from Plaza de Mayo to San Telmo. This costs $13 - $17 and takes 12 minutes. However, a taxi would be more comfortable and would cost around $130.

4. Puerto Madero is the city's most contemporary neighborhood, having been extensively renovated in the 1990s. This is also the closest area to the Ministro Pistarini International Airport. 

Its top destinations include:

  • Reserva Ecologica - an ecological reserve where both kids and parents can appreciate the beauty of nature.

  • Puente de la Mujer -“Women’s Bridge” in English, is one of the many streets in the area attributed to women - a place that looks very colorful and romantic when lit at night.

  • Costanera Norte is a seaside landmark where you can enjoy fresh air and various food trucks that offer Buenos Aires’ most delicious dishes.

From Plaza de Mayo, you can get to Puerto Madero via bus, which takes 3 minutes and costs $13 - $17. A taxi ride to the same destination costs $120-$150.

5. La Boca is a neighborhood that’s well-known for its vividly painted residences and community housing tenements. Its top destinations include:

  • Museo de la Pasion Boquense - a sports-themed museum that features a stadium and other historical items related to Argentina’s most notable athletic achievements.

  • Fundacion Proa - a modern art center that exhibits a glass facade and various works from different Argentinian artists. This child-friendly area also offers books, art publications, and plenty of other spots to take gorgeous photos in. 

  • Usina del Arte - an architectural building built in an Italian fashion with women-related celebrations and child-friendly activities.

The bus through 379 Paseo Colon Av is the cheapest method to go from Plaza de Mayo to La Boca. It costs between $14 and $18 and takes 12 minutes, while a taxi ride to La Boca would cost roughly $135-155.

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Buenos Aires with your family. Plan ahead and book a safe taxi with small children via Taxi Bambino.

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