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Budapest, Hungary

Book your family taxi with car seat in Budapest

Child friendly cab in Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and happens to be the most populous in the country. By population, it’s among the largest town within the EU if you were to consider city limits. 

The city is famous for several things, including its rich culture, the great Danube river, and underground caves. It’s regarded as the world’s spa capital.

Other things that make Budapest popular include its famous Ruin bars, the magnificent Parliament Building, and its inviting local temptations.

This post gives you vital information about family taxi car seats in Budapest, Hungary, and some great tourist attractions that will keep your family busy and entertained.

Where to find family taxis with car seats in Budapest, Hungary

Family taxis with car seats in Budapest, Hungary, can be found both at Budapest Airport right outside the passenger terminals and all around the city if you pre-book online. 

One of the best companies providing taxi services with car seats that you can conveniently use is Taxi Bambino. Our drivers will safely take you to your preferred destination. 

Family taxis with car seats are more convenient if you have young kids and infants traveling with you when visiting Budapest.

Usually, a taxi service with car seats gives clients the option to fix car seats or boosters for kids if they’re needed. This ensures infants and young kids are comfortable and safe throughout your movement around town.

Top child-friendly destinations in Budapest (& how to get there) 

Budapest isn’t just child-friendly but also child-focused with various destinations, including trampoline parks, museums, entertainment centers, pools, spas, and more. 

You can book a taxi at Budapest Airport to take you to any of the top destinations that you and your children choose. 

Here are the top child-friendly destinations: 

Andrassy Entertainment Center

Andrassy Entertainment Center is one of Budapest’s historic sites. It has become a state-of-the-art tourist attraction, having gone through transformations that employed the latest science. 

The entertainment center has an exhibition occupying the former Paris Department Store building. The focus of the center is fun. Your children can enjoy the digital displays that can aid in boosting their creativity. 


Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo dates way back to the 19th century and is a popular attraction for families.

It features various domestic and exotic animals, making it a great site to visit for educational purposes. Both parents and children can benefit from the amazing activities that take place here. 

Other than elephants, zebras, tigers, and giraffes, ongoing developments have made the zoo an interesting and interactive playground. 

Children’s Railway

The Children’s Railways runs past great excursion sites within the Buda Hills. It’s run almost completely by kids from 10 to 14 years old.

You’ll see uniformed youngsters filling all positions, including conductors and signalmen.

A bit of adult supervision would be great in keeping everything on track. However, this unique memento belonging to the communist era has always been viewed as an attraction of its kind.

Among the narrow-gauge railway lines available worldwide, the Children’s Railways is considered the longest.

Book a small taxi with small children.

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