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Benidorm, Spain

Book your family taxi with car seat in Benidorm, Spain

Child friendly cab in Benidorm, Spain


Benidorm town, which is also a municipality, is found in the Alicante Province of Valencia. It’s located on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Since 1925, the town has been a well-known tourist destination.

This post will guide you on finding family taxis with car seats in Benidorm, Spain. You’ll also discover the various holiday destinations you can visit with your family.

Family taxi car seats in Benidorm, Spain

When traveling with infants or young children, you can book family taxi seats with Taxi Bambino. The taxi company offers a car service with car seats that will ensure your baby or young children are safe and secure while you’re moving around. 

In Spain, there’s a law that requires children to be secured using a child seat while commuting by car. 

If you’ve been asking yourself, “where can I get taxis with car seats near me,” now you know. With a reputable taxi service with car seats like Taxi Bambino, you can easily travel with your family to your preferred holiday destination for adventure and fun.

Top family attractions in Benidorm, Spain (& how to get there)

The pristine beaches, the calm waves, and the many leisure options available make Benidorm, Spain, a great holiday destination to visit with your family. Here are some of the amazing things to do and places to visit: 


A boat trip to Benidorm Island

Among the old town’s iconic landmarks is Benidorm Island, also called La Isla de Benidorm in Spanish. It’s only 3.5km away from Benidorm beach. 

The nature reserve is off Spain’s Mediterranean coast and hosts several unique bird species, including peregrine falcons, European storm petrels, Sardinian warblers, and more. 

To get to Benidorm Island, you can connect from the Alicante Airport using a taxi, shuttle, or bus. It takes you roughly 1 hour using a taxi. 

Taking a trip to and from the Island with your family requires a boat which leaves hourly from the old town’s port. The first boat leaves the harbor at 10 am. 

If you visit during summer, you and your family can enjoy seeing the schools of dolphins as you move to and from the Island. 

Terra Mitica Park

In Benidorm, there is an outstanding theme park called Terra Mitica. It showcases prehistoric Mediterranean civilizations, including Greece, Egypt, and Rome. 

There are enough attractions for everyone at this famous amusement park in Spain. If you’re traveling with your kids, Terra Mitica is an amazing place for adventure. 

You’ll find 7 sensational attractions and 5 rides for all ages. There are also 4 attractions that specifically cater to kids.

Also, there are 8 live shows introducing holidaymakers to Cleopatra, Icarus, Spartacus, Cassius Brutus, and other popular figures.

You can get to Terra Mitica from Alicante Airport by taxi, tram, bus, or town car. The distance between the two is around 60km.

Moors & Christian Fiesta

Moors & Christian Fiesta is another thrilling event to take part in while visiting Benardom, Spain.

It’s a religious event taking place usually in early October and involves a number of activities, such as locals dressing up in commemoration of the battles that took place during Reconquista.

This isn’t a festival that’s exclusive only to Benidorm. Villages and towns across the region of Levante celebrate it as well. 

Usually, there are a lot of processions, masquerades, people wearing costumes, marches, live music, and more. 

A taxi rental service would be the best way to get to Levante from Alicante Airport. It will take you about an hour to get there. 

Book a safe taxi with small children.

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