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Book your family taxi with car seat in Aruba

Child friendly cab in Aruba


The Queen Beatrix International Airport is Aruba’s primary airport with international flights. It is situated in Oranjestad in the Dutch Caribbean. The airport receives heavy traffic of tourists from all over the world since the island relies on tourism for almost one-third of its gross domestic product.

Aruba is located near the coast of Venezuela. It is one of the most aesthetic and breathtaking islands in the Caribbean. The place is best known for its spectacular combination of white sand beaches, palm trees, and clear seawater. Apart from its beautiful landscapes, there is also a vibrant art and social side to troll.

If you are craving a perfect beach vacation with your kids that includes swaying palm trees, white-sand beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and some fun exploration activities, you need to make Aruba your next tourism spot. 

Give the island of Aruba a visit and enjoy its picturesque views and art scene. You and your kids will have a great time of enjoyment and exploration in the country. Don't worry about airport transportation with car seats because you will find all the relevant information regarding them in this article. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Aruba?

Getting a car service with car seat in Aruba is fairly easy. If you cannot find one at the airport, online booking sites can provide you with an airport taxi with car seat for your child’s safe commute.

The cab services of Aruba are very vigilant and safe. You can get a taxi from the Queen Beatrix International Airport pretty effortlessly. Their fares are specified as per the distance and are very trustworthy. 

Most tourists rely upon the standard cab service for their transportation while staying on the island as there are not many online services operating there. But now, you can also book a taxi service with car seat from Taxi Bambino if you are on the island with kids. It's very manageable, and the driver will pick you up from the airport. 

Simply search the internet for "taxis with car seats near me" and book a ride. The cab will be at the terminal earlier than you, and the driver will even assist you with your bags. Furthermore, you will be free from the hassle of bringing a car seat with you for the vacation.

Best family destinations in Aruba (& how to get there) 

Aruba is a magnificent island with plenty of activities for kids. Your children will have a great time there in the resorts or on the beach. There are different activities for children of all ages and sizes, making it a perfect spot for families to spend vacations. 

Even if you only have a layover at the Queen Beatrix International Airport, a short trip to nearby sightseer spots will satisfy your inner tourist.

Here, we have briefed about some of the family-friendly destinations in Aruba. 

1. Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

If you just have a short visit, you need to go to Divi Aruba as it will provide you with the full Aruba feel. It is situated on the world-famous Palm Beach and has exposure to many water bodies.

Furthermore, it is directly at the front of a wildlife reserve, providing you and your kids with a convenient adventure opportunity. This resort is perfect if you plan to spend a little time in the sun at the beach.

The resort offers several solutions for small and large families, from large studio rooms to three-bedroom suites. It also provides activities for the entire family. For instance, you can enjoy a 9-hole golf course, two outdoor freshwater pools with poolside bars, and a special children's swimming pool. 

2. Arashi Beach

Do you and your kids love water activities? Are you looking for some fun swimming and snorkeling spots in Aruba? If so, your hunt has ended here because Arashi beach is the perfect fit for your family.  

This beach is renowned for snorkeling activities and picturesque views. It is an underdeveloped beach located on the north side, close to the California Lighthouse. There are cottages, loungers, and a pub onshore. It has vibrant aquatic wildlife and spectacular sunsets. 

The quieter sea dynamics make it a perfect swimming spot for children. At the same time, the snorkelers are greeted with crystal clear water and an opportunity to observe a plethora of aquatic life such as fan corals, angelfish, and the orange clownfish from Finding Nemo. 

3. Oranjestad City

If your kids love history and would like to see ancient dutch architecture live, you must take them to the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad. The city is rich in culture, and your family will have a good time exploring its history.

The buzzing streets of Oranjestad are enough to entice tourists away from the shores for an afternoon of shopping and wandering. You can check the Nearby Marketplace just across from the station for gifts and snacks, or the Cosecha gallery, and see exceptional pottery, jewels, and other artworks by local artisans.

You can commute to the city using the free bus, which circles the city center from the marine port's entrance gate, providing a pleasant opportunity to explore the town. Trams operate every 25 minutes from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. 

But if you would like a safe cab for your kid, you can book a taxi service with a car seat. They are super safe, and your family will have a pleasant ride to the city. 

4. Eagle beach

If you want to do more water activities and your beach cravings have not been fully satisfied, you can head to Aruba's most renowned beach, the Eagle Beach, which is frequently listed among the top in tourism publications and visitor polls. 

Eagle Beach is not only wonderfully gorgeous with its smooth, white beaches and blue seas, but it is also a hub of exciting beach activities such as banana boat trips and jet ski services. White sand and turquoise waters make it an excellent fit for beautiful family pictures and portraits. 

You can either rent sun loungers or attempt to locate some shelter on the beach beneath a majestic divi-divi tree and witness the exquisite sunset panoramas over the ocean.

5. The Butterfly Farm

A fantastic kid-friendly destination near the Aruba airport is the butterfly farm. This place is the closest you will get to paradise on Earth. It features a rainforest backdrop with thousands of butterflies and beautiful flowers.

Plus, since the butterfly farm is located in Oranjestad, you can quickly visit it during a layover at the airport. Ensure that you rent an appropriate stroller, car seat, or baby crib as per your needs. There are several baby gear rental services that are operating at the airport.

For commuting to these places, you can either use the public transport of Aruba or book an airport taxi with car seat for your kid’s safety and comfort.

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