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With an international airport and numerous resorts and activity locations along its coastlines, Alicante is one of the best cities in Spain. It is home to a castle, sandy beaches, museums, and more. Alicante is a fun place for everyone, young and old.

There are different ways to get around the city, but you want to use the safest possible transportation. Taxis make commuting easy in Alicante. If you're traveling with kids, your best bet is cars with car seats.

This post explores where to get family taxis with car seats in Alicante, Spain.

Read on to discover top family destinations in the city and how to explore them.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Alicante, Spain

Getting family taxis with car seats in Alicante is quite easy on the Taxi Bambino website. You only need to follow a few steps once on the website. Click on "book taxi" and input your address and destination.

Your family taxi with car seats for your little ones will arrive quickly. You can also get boosters depending on your child's age and size.

3 Tour-worthy family destinations in Alicante (& how to get there)

Alicante is home to many resorts and activity locations, making it a fun place. Families looking for an adventure will have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some tour-worthy family destinations in Alicante.


1. Castillo de Santa Barbara

Castillo de Santa Barbara is a historic 16th-century castle and fortress in Alicante town. Located on a hillside (Mount Benacantil), the castle offers a fantastic sea view. You can enjoy the view of the entire bay of Alicante and its terrestrial surroundings from Castillo de Santa Barbara.

According to some historians, the origin of the toponym is the Arabic transcription of "pinna," the words “bena," and “laqanti." The origin of the current fortress dates from the end of the 9th century during the Muslim domination.

Archaeological remains from the Iberian, Bronze Age, and Roman times have been found on its slopes. 

The castle has different exhibition halls, so you’ll have a fantastic experience exploring this historic destination with your children.

2. Mundomar

Located in Benidorm, Mundomar is a perfect destination for children and adults. The animal park is a must-visit for nature lovers. You'll find many different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles in the park.

Enjoy different shows, and if you're lucky, you might get to live memorable experiences like swimming with dolphins and sea lions. You'll have the best time possible taking photos with different animals.

You can quickly get to Mundomar with your family with a car service with car seats. This way, you'll rest assured that your little ones are safe while commuting.

3. National Artistic Garden Huerto Del Cura

This park is home to hundreds of thousands of palm trees nurtured daily by the citizens. It is the birthplace of the Lady of Elche bust and a must-visit for nature lovers. Also known as the Misteri, the Mystery Play is one of the best events you’ll encounter.

The Huerto del Cura Garden team aims to promote healthy ecosystems and contribute toward the sustainable use of natural resources. Using agricultural biotechnology, the garden encourages sustainability and respect for the environment.

You can get to the National Artistic Garden Huerto Del Cura by booking a taxi service with car seats.

Exploring Alicante is an exciting experience. Make sure always to use the best transportation. Taxis with car seats are the safest options for your family.

Book a safe taxi with small children!