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Algarve, Portugal

Book your family taxi with car seat in Algarve, Portugal

Child friendly cab in Algarve, Portugal

Blessed with a beautiful coastal line, Algarve is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. The region enjoys perfect mild winters and long, dry, and hot summers. Algarve offers warm temperature at sea during the summer and gentle winds from palm trees, the perfect weather conditions for tourists.

If you’re planning a family visit to Algarve, you’ll need a taxi service with car seats. It is the best way to ensure safety for the entire family while traveling.

In this post, we'll discuss how to book taxis with car seats in Algarve, Portugal. 

Read on for insights into how to get the most out of your family vacation.

Where to find family taxis with car seats in Algarve, Portugal

You can easily access family taxis with car seats in Algarve, Portugal, via the Taxi Bambino website. The platform has many safe cars with car seats for your little ones. You’ll find something that suits your needs no matter the size of your family.

Reputable taxi service with car seats is a surefire way to keep kids safe when traveling. It also makes getting around the busy Algarve Airport a lot easier.

Top family attractions in Algarve (& how to get there)

Algarve is home to the most exquisite historic castle and luxurious golf courses. It’s no surprise that this region has become a hotspot for tourists looking to have a good time. Here's a list of some top locations you can explore while in the Algarve.


The Zoomarine is blessed with an overflow of nature's riches and is Algarve's biggest tourist attraction. Filled with oceans and aquatic life, Zoomarine is the perfect destination for people who love nature. Enjoy a wonderful family time with many exciting activities such as pirate shows and chilling at the beach.

There's also a presentation from the fan-favorite dolphins. Watch as they display their intelligence, agility, and training. Your kids will have a good time with the entertaining wonder world presentation featuring sea lions and seals. 

They can also enjoy the entertaining Enchanted Forest presentation and learn about environmental awareness.

To get to Zoomarine, book a family taxi with a car seat and head to N125 KM 65, 8201-864 Guia, Portugal. Enjoy a unique experience at Zoomarine and give the family something to remember. With a Carrousel, Ferris wheel, water park, splashing shows, and endless water attractions, you would struggle to make a choice.


Parque Aventura

The Parque Aventura is an outdoor park that creates outdoor adventure-filled recreational activities. Your family can have a blast while completing the fun rope climbing courses. The courses are for kids of different heights and ages.

Parque Aventura is located at Estr. de Santa Eulália 215, 8200-381 Albufeira, Portugal. To get to there, you'll need a family taxi with a car seats to ensure the kids' safety.

Enjoy the exhilarating paintball game on 2500 square meters of land, containing different artificial and natural elements. Give the kids a wonderful experience with challenging courses for quality family time.


Aquashow Park

Aquashow Park is the biggest theme park in Portugal, in Algarve. Enjoy the beauty of the different waterfalls with the family. 

You'll need a family taxi with a car seat to get there. Aquashow is located at EN 396, Semino 8125-303 Quarteira Algarve – Portugal. 

Enjoy the biggest Free Fall in Europe, and immerse yourself in the various water slides for a fantastic time. Aquashow Park is a must for families looking to have an adventure in Algarve.

With many family-friendly activity locations, Algarve Portugal can be a magical place for everyone. While you get around and have fun, don’t forget to keep your little ones safe.

Book a safe taxi with small children!

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