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Dublin Airport

Airport transfer  taxi  in Dublin Airport

Airport transfer and taxi with car seat in Dublin Airport

The Dublin Airport is located about 10 kilometers from the central city and is Ireland’s largest airport. It connects Dublin with the rest of Europe and many countries worldwide. Pre-covid, the airport was receiving steady traffic that reached 32.9 million passengers in 2019. 


Dublin is Ireland's capital and home to Vikings, Guinness, and numerous historical buildings. The city’s rich culture and friendly people are always attracting tons of tourists from all around the world.


If you too are planning to visit the marvelous city of Dublin with your family, this article covers ways to get to the central city from Dublin Airport. And if your flight requires a layover at the airport, we include some kid-friendly activities to have fun while you’re there.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Dublin Airport?

Traveling with kids is not easy because of different state regulations and restrictions. If you don’t want to pack a car seat for the trip, book airport transportation with car seats through an online taxi service such as Taxi Bambino


Transportation to and from the Dublin Airport usually relies on the bus service or private taxis. All-day coach services from the airport to the city center run every 15 to 30 minutes. These connect the airport to multiple stops in the city.


However, the buses are not nearly as comfortable as a taxi. More so when you travel with your family. When you are accompanied by kids, it is advisable to find a taxi service with car seats through an online portal. A taxi with car seat is safer, more convenient, and much more comfortable.

Family facilities at and around Dublin Airport

Waiting at an airport with kids can be tricky if the children start getting bored. If your stay at the Dublin airport is longer than six hours, check your bags at the airport’s storage area outside Terminal 1 and make the most of your stay in Dublin. 


The airport is only 20 minutes away from the city center, so you can safely return in time for your flight. Here are a few activities that can keep the little ones occupied while you wait to board the plane;

1. Eat at the airport

Get yourself and your kids a taste of Irish cuisine at one of the restaurants and cafes at the airport. There are multiple options: local food or healthy salads, burgers, and Thai. You can even find locally made chocolates at one of the cafes.


These eateries are located inside both terminals before security. There is also a supermarket in both terminals if you need to pick up some confectioneries or snacks.

2. Go to the Sword’s castle

The Sword’s castle is just a ten-minute drive from the airport. The historical marvel offers guided tours all day round. You can even stroll in its garden or check out nearby eateries if you have time left. 

3. Visit the Botanics garden

The Botanic garden is calm, tranquil, and mesmerizing. The greenery and picturesque views are something you could marvel at with your little ones. The garden houses more than 300 species of endangered plants that you could learn about.

4. Have fun at Jumpzone

Jumpzone is Ireland’s biggest indoor jumping arena with giant trampolines, so a sure-shot way to tire your kids so they can sleep during the whole flight. It’s just two minutes away from the Dublin airport by car. 

Getting to all these places is a breeze. With an airport taxi with car seat, transportation is fun, secure, and convenient. So always put safety first and book a safe ride with children.

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