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Dubai International airport

Dubai International Airport taxi with car seat

Dubai International airport transfer with baby seat

Dubai International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports globally. People from all over the world come through the airport to experience the country's beauty. Equipped with three terminals and built with the latest technology, Dubai International Airport offers excellent transportation.

However, one common concern among travelers is dealing with the hassle associated with a busy airport. You can easily get around the Dubai International Airport with an airport taxi with car seats.

This post uncovers how to get around safely in Dubai International Airport.

Read on for insights into where you can get family taxis with car seats in Dubai.

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Dubai International Airport (DXB)

You can easily get a family taxi to move around the Dubai International Airport by surfing the Taxi Bambino website. The website offers access to various Dubai taxis with baby seats and boosters for kids of different ages. Just go ahead and select Dubai while on the website to book your ride.

Before embarking on your Dubai family trip, you need to learn the color codes for taxis in the country. All standard taxis in Dubai have the same color on the side but different roof colors. Metro taxis have an orange rooftop.

For National taxis, the rooftop color is yellow while car taxis have a blue rooftop. Pink for lady driver taxis, and green for Arabia taxis.

Getting around Dubai International Airport (DXB)

The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is one of the world’s most important transportation hubs. It gets super busy, but promises a fun-filled experience with many attractions. Here are some noteworthy facilities for a memorable family time at the Dubai International Airport.

  1. Zen Gardens

Book a Dubai taxi with baby seats and head to Dubai International Airport. You'll find Zen Gardens at terminal 3, between gates b2 and b27. Take your family to the breathtaking garden and witness nature at its finest. 

If you love nature, Zen Gardens is a must-visit during your Dubai trip. The garden has it all, from a fish pond perfectly located close to the lush green flowers to the waterfall, which gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling as you admire. 

You can choose to have a family walk or sit on the wooden bench and enjoy nature.  Whatever you do, make yourself at home and enjoy the serene experience.

  1. The concourse B family arena

The concourse B family arena is an area dedicated solely to parents and their young kids. Launched in 2015, this family-only space focuses on giving the kids a memorable experience. 

It is equipped with a climbing area, interactive games section, baby changing rooms and creative playing tools - the perfect family-friendly space.

To explore Concourse B, head to Concourse B’s Zen garden, between Gates B7 and B8. 

Book Dubai airport transfers with baby seats for a safe ride and enjoy a thorough family experience. Your little ones are in for the time of their lives.

  1. AL Majis VIP lounge

You’ll find the al majis at terminal 3, close to exit 4. It is the most luxurious, relaxing space in the Dubai International Airport. The VIP lounge has everything you need, including a customized catered menu (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to the private prayer rooms. 

Upon checking in, you’ll get a personal assistant for duty-free shopping for all your needs. Experience the luxury of al majis with your family. You’ll enjoy intercontinental dishes while watching a wide range of international channels. 

There has never been a better location to relax with your family after your travels. 

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you must consider your little ones' safety. Use a Dubai taxi with car seats.

Book a safe taxi with small children!

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