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Rent a car with car seat in Canberra

How to find car rentals with car seat for children in Canberra?


In Canberra, Renting a car with baby seats, boosters, or car seats in Canberra is common, as many car rental companies offer this service to accommodate families traveling with young children. Here's how you can rent a car with child seats in Canberra, along with a list of five common car rental providers in the area:


Which types of car seats are available at car rentals?


Car rental companies in the typically offer several types of child seats for different age groups. These include:


1. Infant seats: These are designed for babies up to 13 kg (around 1 year old). They are typically rear-facing and provide extra support for the baby's head and neck.

2. Convertible seats: These can be used as both rear-facing and forward-facing seats for children up to 18 kg (around 4 years old).

3. Booster seats: These are designed for children between 15 kg and 36 kg (around 4-12 years old) and raise the child up to the level of the seat belt.

4. Child seats: These are designed for children between 15 kg and 36 kg (around 4-12 years old) and provide extra support for the child's head and neck.


How to Rent a Car with Child Seats in Canberra:


Online Booking: Start by visiting the website of the car rental company you prefer or use a third-party platform to search for rental cars in Canberra. Most major car rental companies allow you to specify additional equipment such as baby seats during the booking process.


Specify Your Requirements: When making your reservation, be sure to specify the number and type of child seats you need. Car rental companies typically offer options suitable for infants, toddlers, and older children.


Confirmation and Cost: After booking, the rental company will confirm the availability of the requested child seats for your rental period. They will also provide details about any additional costs associated with renting the seats.


Pickup and Installation: When you arrive to collect your rental car, the child seats will be provided along with the vehicle. Rental company staff can assist you in installing the seats correctly to ensure your child's safety during travel.


Return: Upon returning the rental car, make sure to remove all personal belongings and return the child seats in the same condition you received them. Check with the rental company for any specific instructions regarding the return of the seats.


Common Car Rental Providers in Canberra:

Hertz: Hertz is a well-known car rental company with multiple locations throughout Canberra. They offer a wide range of vehicles and additional services, including child seats.


Avis: Avis is another prominent car rental provider operating in Canberra. They provide various vehicle options and additional equipment such as baby seats and boosters.


Europcar: Europcar is a leading car rental company with branches in Canberra. They offer flexible rental options and additional services, including child seats.


Budget: Budget Rent a Car is known for its competitive rates and convenient locations in Canberra. They provide rental cars along with optional extras like child seats.


Thrifty: Thrifty Car Rental operates in Canberra and offers a variety of vehicles. They may provide child seats upon request, but it's advisable to confirm this when booking.


These providers offer reliable services and have multiple locations across Canberra, making it convenient for families to rent a car with child seats for their trips.

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