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Barcelona Airport 

Barcelona Airport taxi with car seat

Barcelona airport transfer with baby seat


Barcelona has three major airports, namely El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto, Reus International Airport, and Girona-Costa Brava Airport. Only the El Prat Airport in Barcelona is an international airport and is located 13 kilometers from the city center. 

When you arrive in Barcelona with your children and have to hire a family cab, make sure that their safety is a top priority. You can easily find a taxi that meets your requirements, such as a baby seat for a newborn or a booster seat for a toddler. 

Continue reading to find out how you can book a family taxi in Barcelona Airports. You will also read about family facilities that will make your waiting times at the airport more pleasurable.


Where to get family taxis with car seats in Barcelona airports

Upon arrival at the El Prat Airport or the other Barcelona airports, you will not find any taxis that have car seats. Your only other alternative is to use the normal taxis, but again they won’t have any car seats. 

So if you are looking for a family taxi in Barcelona, get in touch now and book our professional taxi service at Taxi Bambino to benefit from our reputable services. 

Discover our vehicle fleet, which includes completely modified vehicles that can seat up to 5, 6, or 7 passengers. This makes organizing transportation for your party of friends or family across Barcelona's metropolitan region, as well as to the airport or port, much easier.

Family vacations are wonderful but don't forget to book a child-friendly taxi, a car service with car seats from the airport designed with your child's safety in mind.

Traveling with children may be a stressful experience, and we strive to make every journey enjoyable for all of our clients. Allow one of our skilled drivers to meet you at the airport, load your pushchair or stroller into the car, and get you on your way as soon as possible.

In Barcelona, we have taxis with car seats that are officially homologated. Your trip will be completely safe for both you and your children. With the assistance of our team of pros, you may have a peaceful and quick journey free of fear.

Our taxi and limo partners do a thorough cleaning of the vehicles after each journey, so taxi and limo services remain the best transportation choice at Barcelona airports. 

We operate in most major and some smaller places around Europe and are always delighted to assist people traveling with children.

Family facilities in Barcelona airports

To make waiting periods more pleasurable for families with children, there are services for babies and children's areas.

  1. Luggage trolleys with maxi-cosi / pushchair

Children can be transported in the billing areas and baggage reclaim rooms using luggage carts fitted with maxi-cosi or pushchairs. 

The request will be made to the workers at the information desk in the billing section. You must order a luggage cart in advance, specifying the kind of cart you need and the region of the airport where you want it picked up.

Strollers may be requested at the baggage reclaim halls by dialing the airport's information point's phone number.

  1. Spaces for nursing mothers

There are areas throughout the airport that cater to the requirements of families with infants.

  1. Security checkpoints for families

Passengers with children have priority access to the airport's security checks in both terminals. This service is provided free of cost.

  1. Children's play areas

In each of the airport's two terminals, there are various children's play spaces located near the boarding areas.

Click here to book a safe taxi with small children.

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