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Milan Airports

Airport transfer  taxi  in Milan Airports

Airport transfer and taxi with car seat in Milan Airports


When flying to Milan, you’ll land at one of the three Milanese airports - Malpensa airport, Linate airport, and Bergamo airport. From there you and your family can taxi around the stylish city to its must-see attractions.

It’s important that you arrange taxis with car seats in order to make the drive around Milan safe for your little ones.

In this article, we’ll show you how to arrange car seats when you land at Milan airports, as well as what to do with your family near the airports. 

Where to get family taxis with car seats in Milan Airports

Whether you land at the Malpensa airport, the Linate airport, or the Bergamo airport, there is only one place to reliably arrange taxis with car seats, and that is Taxi Bambino.

  • The Malpensa airport has two terminals and is the largest of the three airports. It is about 50km northwest of Milan, making it far from the city center.

  • The Bergamo airport has only one terminal and is famous for low-budget flights. The airport is located about 45km northeast of the city center. 

  • The Linate airport is also a single terminal airport. It is just outside the city center - located 7km away in Linate.


Airport shuttles and taxis are available from all airports for getting to the city center. In addition to this, there’s a train service directly linking the Malpensa airport to the city center. Public buses are also available from Bergamo and Linate airports. But these buses do not have extra luggage compartments. 

Many families on Milan vacation choose taxis to move from the airports to the city center. Taxis will drop you off somewhere near your destination, and you will not have to worry about limited luggage space.

Importantly, you can make taxis safe for the little ones in your family by arranging taxis with infant car seats or safety booster seats for children.

Regular taxis do not come with these children's safety seats. Thankfully, there’s Taxi Bambino to direct you to a car service with car seats. Whether it is taxis for airport transfer, address pickup, touring, or long distance travel, the service will help you make the trip safe for your kids.

Things to do with your family near Milan airports

As a family, you can have a swell time in and around Milan airports as there is a lot to see and do.

First, the Milan airports are generally family-friendly airports with a host of services that’ll make families with little ones comfortable.  For example, you’ll find nurseries, changing tables, and play areas. 

The Malpensa airport even has baby pit stops (where nursing mothers can breastfeed babies in privacy) and family lane (security screening lane reserved for families with children)

That said, some of the things you can do with your family around the airports include:

1. Go shopping

You can have an amazing shopping experience right at the Milanese airports. While at Malpensa airport, you can go to Piazza del Lusso, which is home to boutiques of some of the world’s major luxury brands like Hermes, and Armani, as well as the Piazza del Pop, which is dedicated to trendy brands of Milanese design and street fashion. 

2. Enjoy a meal

You can explore Italian food and more right at Milanese airports. For example, the Piazza del Gusto in Malpensa airport has bars and restaurants of the highest quality. 

The Bergamo airport has over 20 bars and restaurants. Linate airport has McDonalds, Juice Bar, Caffe Milano and many more tasty eateries to whet your appetite. 

3. Take your exploration outside the airports 

With the Linate airport so close to the city center, a taxi with car seats will drop you and your family off at some of the best attractions in the city in 30 minutes. 

Start off at the majestic Duomo, and let the family climb to the rooftop for panoramic views of the city. Then walk the short distance to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to enjoy the sight of the glass-ceilinged mall and do some shopping. 

If your stop is the Malpensa airport, a taxi trip to the city will take 50 - 60 minutes. So the best place to start your Milan vacation is just adjacent the airport, at the Volandia Park and Flight Museum. The museum will thrill the kids with some of the most iconic models in the history of Italian aeronautics, including the Caproni Ca. 1 (the first plane to take off from the Malpensa moorland).

Not too far from the Malpensa airport, is the Cimiterio Monumentale. Yes, the Monumental cemetery is a fascinating place. The many statutes are spell-binding. Also, the kids will love jumping around in the impressive gardens of the cemetery.

If you get to Milan via the Bergamo airport, you need not go to the city center for the fun to begin. Take your family on a walk on the massive Venetian walls that onced encircled the old upper city of Bergamo. 

Move over to see the basilica of the St Mary Major. Everyone will be wowed by the beauty of the gold-decorated ceiling and arches of the basilia. Make the family visit the Museum of Natural Science and Archaeology. Kids will love the sights of fossilized animals.

You can start your amazing Milan family vacation right at the airports as there’s a lot for the family to do in and around the airports. However, if you need a taxi to move around, book a safe taxi with small children today!

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